Ukrainian media digest 23 of July 2014

The Ukrainian government began criminal cases Tuesday against two prominent Russians accused of fomenting terrorism. Gen. Sergei Shoigu, Russian defense minister, was accused by the Ukrainian Internal Affairs Ministry of involvement in forming “illegal military groups” in eastern Ukraine, led by Russian citizens, that “make regular attacks on government institutions and other organizations that have led to multiple human deaths, destruction, and other consequences,” a statement said.
Russian billionaire and investment fund founder Konstantin Malofeev was also indicted, accused of financing “illegal military units.” He has denied any role in the uprising, although it had been reported the self-styled leader of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” was formerly a Malofeev employee.

Moscow will respond to NATO’s expansion towards Russia’s borders, President Vladimir Putin said at the emergency Security Council meeting in Moscow. “We shall provide an adequate and well-measured response to NATO’s expansion towards Russia’s borders. As it stands, NATO is blatantly building up its forces in Eastern Europe, including the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea areas. Its operational and combat training activities are gaining in scale,” Putin said. “With that in mind, we need to promptly and diligently implement all the measures we have planned to strengthen our nation’s defense capabilities, including our plans for Crimea and Sevastopol, where we will practically have to set up our military architecture from scratch.”

European Union could officially recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics as terrorist organizations, The EU Foreign Ministers Council approved in its concluding remarks at its July 22 meeting in Brussels. “EU Council condemns the prolonging illegal activity of armed rebels in eastern Ukraine and in other places, which result in deaths of civilians. The Council also endorsed the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the trilateral contact group in their efforts to create the conditions for a ceasefire and called for OSCE monitoring of the Russian-Ukrainian border and the release of hostages.

Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko appointed Sergey Mashkovsky the head of Zhitomir regional state administration. “To appoint Sergey Aleksandrovich Mashkovsky the head of Zhitomir regional state administration,” the following decree was published at the president’s web-site. Mashkovsky is the deputy of Zhitomir city council. He’s been the head of LLC “Polesye Motors Group” (Zhitomir) for 7 years.

The President of Ukraine has established the National Council of Reforms. Decree №614/2014 “On ensuring the holding of unified state policy of reforms in Ukraine” stipulates that the body will have an Executive Committee of Reforms and the Advisory Council of Reforms. Its main purpose will be strategic planning and coordination of positions on the introduction and implementation of unified state policy of reforms in Ukraine.

Rinat Akhmetov’s foundation “Development of Ukraine” says the Governor of Odessa region Igor Palitsa spreads false statements that the organization has refused to finance the refugees from Odessa region.

Deputies from the State Duma have drawn up a draft law that would increase income tax for people earning more than 1 million rubles ($28,700) a month to help support Crimea’s economy.

Deputies of Dnipropetrovsk regional council appeal to President of Ukraine, General Prosecutor, the head of Dnipropetrovsk regional administration and the prosecutor of Ukraine to stop persecute Yevhen Udod and other region’s leaders on political grounds and to ensure objective and open investigation of dispersing Maidan in Dnipropetrovsk on 26 January, 2014

Representatives of five political parties would be elected to Parliament if elections were today, a survey by sociological agency Rating shows. Communist Party and Party of Regions would not overcome the 5% threshold.