The thirteenth visual reminder for Adidas: The Law of Three Wheat Spikelets

Adidas continues to align its marketing strategy with the Soviet legacy of persecution and totalitarianism, profiting from the sale of USSR-branded products.
Since the company refuses to recall its ‘USSR’ product line and publicly apologize for launching it in the first place, UCMC publishes its thirteenth protest visual.

We encourage everyone to join this campaign and to use their network of contacts to deliver this message to the world.

The “Law of Three Wheat Spikelets” is the generic name for a repressive Soviet law from the time of the Holodomor famine-genocide. Under the law, those convicted of theft of collective and cooperative property were executed by firing squad or, under extenuating circumstances, at least 10 years in prison with the confiscation of all property. People sentenced under this law were exempt from amnesty. The generic name “Law of Three Spikelets” is derived from the fact that the law was used to prosecute not only real thieves, but also those who were starving and scavenged a handful of grain or wheat spikelets left behind in the fields after the harvest was collected. Over 200,000 sentences were passed under this law, with more than 11,000 executed.

This is just one example of what the USSR really was. During 70 years of Soviet rule, the populations of many nations were decimated, displaced, killed by artificial famine, tortured, persecuted, their lives, cultures, and livelihoods destroyed. The victims of the Soviet communist regime are estimated at 20 to 35M – Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Georgians, Armenians, Moldovans, Kazakhs, and many other nations suffered at the hands of the USSR.

Profiting from the sale of Soviet symbols is also tantamount to politically supporting Russia’s attempt to resurrect the USSR through the illegal annexation of Crimea and occupation of eastern Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of over 10,000 people and the displacement of over 1,7M.