NSDC: Terrorists mine schools and prepare provocations using phosphorous ammunition from Russia


Kyiv, July 23, 2014 – “Every day more and more painfully obvious facts emerge, confirming that the so-called PRD and PRL and terrorist organizations. They are creating direct threats to the lives of civilians in Donbas,” said Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council information center spokesman Andriy Lysenko during a briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

As such, a laboratory set up by bandits to manufacture self-made explosives was discovered in the grade school classrooms of school #4 in near Cherevkovka in Slovyansk, which has been liberated from terrorists. Four incendiary devices and 0,5 kgs of putty explosives adapted for radio detonation were found in the building. Other educational institutions in Slovyansk were mined with similar incendiary devices.

The Russian mercenaries set up a basis point and firing locations, as well as a fallout shelter, on the school’s territory. The terrorists made similar adaptations to school #16, where the “Grad” system was set up. After numerous searches, a stock with 22 boxes of 30 mm ammunition was discovered in the Slovyansk Aviation College. Ukrainian operative servicemen are investigating the possibility that the mercenaries planned to commit a terrorist act on September 1-2, when the children would come to school.

“After such a thing it is absolutely unacceptable to call these people “rebels.” They are not even bandits. They are Russia terrorists which are ready to kill Ukrainian children,” emphasized the NSDC spokesman.

Ukraine has indisputable evidence that the terrorists of the so-called PRD and PRL are negotiating the receipt of phosphorous ammunition from Russia. “There are all grounds to claim that in case they receive this ammunition, the Russian mercenaries will definitely accuse the Ukrainian troops of their usage,” said Andriy Lysenko.

According to the NSDC spokesman, the Russian Federation is spreading untruthful claims regarding the usage of phosphorous ammunition by the Ukrainian army. Lysenko emphasized that this type of ammunition was banned by an international convention in 1984 and cannot be found at the disposal of the Armed Forces and other military formations in Ukraine.

Meanwhile the Russian Federation continues to increase the presence of its troops close to the Ukrainian border and conduct provocations. Within 10 km of the state border with Ukraine, the Russian armed forces set up several field camps, each of which have around 30 units of armored weaponry and several hundred soldiers.

Throughout the day the pro-Russian mercenaries opened fire at the roadblocks and departments of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by using “Grad” systems on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as artillery weaponry, sniper weapons, grenade and mine launchers over 20 times.

Meanwhile the Ukrainian army continues to advance in the north of Luhansk and west of Donetsk oblasts. Advance battles continue to free Lysychansk. The terrorists are trapped in the city, all retreat paths have been cut off. The civilians are able to escape the city through the roadblocks, special camps have been set up for them.

The siege and blockade of Donetsk and Luhansk continue. Yesterday the Donetsk terrorists attacked and robbed “Donetsk City” mall. The damage is calculated at millions of dollars.

The indignation of locals on the territories occupied by Russian terrorists is growing. Thousands  demanded that the terrorists leave the city at protests in Stakhaniv and Alchevsk.