International Coalition for Human Rights launches #RedCard4Putin campaign


The International Coalition for Human Rights starts the campaign #RedCard4Putin. Throughout the next month, activists will be publishing analytical materials and videos exposing the crimes of the current Russian authorities. “The Red Card Campaign is an international campaign set to exercise pressure on Russia demanding the release of political prisoners among whom are 70 Ukrainians, as well as to stop the military aggression, unthinkable human rights violations and constant attempts to undermine the international legal order. In course of one month the campaign will issue investigations and ‘red cards’ to Putin’s regime,” said Paul Grod, Chairman of the International Coalition for Human Rights, Vice-President of the World Congress of Ukrainians at a press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Oleg Sentsov [a Ukrainian film director and one of the Kremlin’s prisoners in Russia – UCMC] has been on hunger strike for 31 days now. One of the goals of the #RedCard4Putin campaign is to have Oleg Sentsov and the rest of the political prisoners liberated. “We see that Oleg Sentsov is ready to continue the hunger strike until death. It is very important that we as international community do not give up and keep safeguarding his rights and the rights of the others, and that we save the life of Oleg Sentsov. Putin’s regime is taking his life away. The ‘Red Card to Putin’ campaign is called to unite journalists and activists to let the world know that the aggressor cannot remain unpunished,” the Head of the International Coalition for Human Rights emphasized.

Additionally, a series of flash mobs is planned to take place in different countries. The World Congress of Ukrainians has also joined the campaign, it unites Ukrainians in 53 countries across the globe. “The more people will join the campaign, the more impact we will have,” summarized Paul Grod.