Ukrainian Security and Defense Council: Experts are examining MH17 black boxes in the UK. Bandits are terrorizing Donetsk


Kyiv, 24 July 2014 – Today British experts, in the presence of representatives of the USA, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Germany and Ukraine, began to retrieve data from the flight recorders of MH17 downed on July 17 in the Donetsk region, said Colonel Andriy Lysenko, Speaker for the Ukrainian Security and Defense Council Information Center, during a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

An international team of experts in charge of technical investigation of the disaster has held a meeting to discuss the evacuation of plane debris from the crash site to Kyiv, where investigation will be conducted in two hangars capable of fully accommodating a Boeing 777-200 aircraft and all the necessary equipment.

Anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces continue offensive in the north of Luhansk. Following intense fighting, the Ukrainian troops have gained control over the Verkhnyokamenske village in the Donetsk region. Also, our troops have entered the city of Lysychansk and are now controlling its northern districts. Terrorists remaining in the city have found themselves blocked with nowhere to retreat.

In Donetsk and Luhansk, which are temporarily controlled by Russian insurgents, bandits are killing civilians and robbing and seizing governmental and private buildings. Many Donetsk residents are being abducted and returned to their families in exchange for a ransom.

In Horlivka, a highway has been blown up and a mine has been planted at the premises of one of the schools.

Furthermore, the militants, who have had a lot of losses, released 150 prisoners from a local prison, gave them arms and are now using them to intimidate local population and resist the ATO forces.

Water supply has been interrupted at enterprises with non-stop operation. In particular, it has affected the Stirol Concern and the Avdiyivskyi Coke Processing Works, which may lead to the shutdown of cooling systems and cause accidents. 475 hectares of crops have been burnt down in the Artemiyivskyi district.

In the past months, Ukrainian companies have donated to the logistics service of the National Guard of Ukraine over UAH 863K worth of tents, sleeping bags, rubber boots, raincoats and sleeping pads. Also, thanks to the sponsorship, soldiers have been provided with bullet-proof vests, knee guards, ammunition kits, tactical goggles and night vision devices – more than 40 items in total, worth approximately UAH 1.5M.

The Ukrainian citizens, charities and commercial institutions are providing the Ukrainian troops with ballistic Kevlar helmets, bullet-proof vests and accessories, military clothing, safety glasses, thermal imaging cameras and other protective gear, communication devices, first aid kits and the necessary medical equipment and drugs. “Volunteers send help to the ATO frontline risking their own lives and compile new lists of necessary items to come back again and help our guys,” said Andriy Lysenko.