NSDC: Ukraine is not shooting at Russian territory


Kyiv, July 24, 2014 – In light of the Russian Defense Minister Anatoliy Antonov’s statement that nine instances of firing at Russian territory on part of Ukraine had been documented, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council information center spokesman Andriy Lysenko stated: “The Armed Forces, the departments of the State Border Control Service, and other legitimate law enforcement structures of Ukraine do not fire at the territory of the Russian Federation. We draw the attention of the Russian government and the global community that such provocative shootings are being done systematically by terrorists to allow Russian servicemen to open fire at the positions of the Ukrainian border guards and soldiers.”

Meanwhile yesterday around 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., fire was opened on Russian territory twice at the “Marynivka” checkpoint in Donetsk oblast, by mile launchers, “Grad” systems and the artillery. The infrastructure and equipment of the international checkpoint “Marynivka” have been destroyed.

In the past day, the Ukrainian border servicemen shot down three unmanned aircrafts bearing no identification: two in Luhansk oblast, not far from the “Dovzhanskiy” checkpoint, and another one in Kharkiv oblast. Such unmanned aircrafts are in use by the special services and intelligence of the Russian Federation.

According to Andriy Lysenko, Russian soldier Andrey Balabanov, who switched sides as a sign of protest against the policies of the Russian Federation, testified that the Russian side is sending professional military personnel, weaponry and armored military machinery to Ukraine.

The terrorists continue using the civilian population as a “live shield,” and setting up their firing points in living quarters and on the territory of civilian objects in areas temporarily under their control.

The mercenaries set up dozens of “Grad” systems in populated quarters: in particular, in Horlivka, near the Rumyantsev mine, in Khartsyzk on the territory of Public Utility Office #5, in the village of Malomykolayivka near Krasniy Luch, in Pervomaysk near Professional Technical Academy #31.

Russian mercenaries are carrying out compulsory general mobilization in Horlivka. The armed bandits are recruiting all males, from 14-year-old teenagers to 65-year-old pensioners.

Between July 19 and 25, law enforcement services have documented 22 instances of kidnapping and 43 instances of illegal re-appropriation of vehicles, as well as looting.

The mercenaries occupied several private businesses in Donetsk, having taken the workers of the companies hostage, as well as the automobile base of the construction and montage headquarters #7 of the Donetsk Railways. Also yesterday, Russian saboteurs blew up two bridges in Stakhanov, Luhansk oblast.

According to Lysenko, ATO troops continue to advance, forming a circle around the territory, which is temporarily being controlled by terrorists. Yesterday at 10 p.m., after two days of heavy combat, the State Flag of Ukraine was flown over the Lysychansk City Council in Luhansk oblast. Ukrainian Armed Forces troops freed the city from terrorists. Work to diffuse the mined objects and renew city life has begun.

Overall, throughout the last week, Ukrainian soldiers freed 10 localities from mercenaries: Dzerzhynsk, Soledar, Karlivka, Netaylove in Donetsk oblast, also Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Popasne, Rubizhne, Yuvileyniy, Pervomayske in Luhansk oblast, and took control of the strategically important locality of Georgiivka near Luhansk. ATO troops also entered “Donetsk” airport and unblocked “Luhansk” airport.

Throughout the day, 13 Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen died, 19 were wounded, 9 units of weaponry and military equipment were destroyed. All the wounded were delivered to medical institutions and received appropriate medical care.