Volodymyr Hroisman: the government today is functioning as per normal


18:00 July 25, 2014, Kyiv – during the media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center Volodymyr Hroisman informed that in connection with Ukrainian Prime-minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s giving in his resignation, following the Prime-minister’s mandate and the government’s decision, he, being a Vice-prime minister of Ukraine, has been entrusted with duties of the Prime-minister of Ukraine. Such resolution has been made by the government prior to the issue of the Prime-minister’s resignation from his government position being considered by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in compliance with the current legislation. «I want to assure you, – commented Volodymyr Hroisman, – that the government today is functioning as per normal. No changes pertaining to priorities of the government from the viewpoint of the tasks falling within the powers of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine took place».