NSDC: ATO forces aproach Horlivka, Donetsk is next


Kyiv, 26 July 2014 – Units of Armed Forces of Ukraine have already approached Horlivka, Donetsk region, and took up positions on its outskirts, said Colonel Andriy Lysenko, Speaker for the Ukrainian Security and Defense Council Information Centre, during a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre.

“Over the course of last week we have freed from terrorists 10 localities. We have approached Horlivka. Donetsk will be next”, stated Lysenko.

NSDC Speaker also stressed, that ATO forces do not use neither missile launchers nor aviation for shelling residential areas of cities and towns. “We will not bombard Donetsk. We will use only ground forces there, which will, street after street, quarter after quarter, free the city”, he said.

During the examination of the recently freed town of Lysychansk, our units of high-mobility paratroopers have neutralized a group of terrorist snipers. Their positions were located in well-fortified reinforced concrete bunker. The paratroopers have blocked the fortification and used explosives to gain access to the bunker. All members of the terrorist sniper platoon were destroyed.

In addition, Ukrainian military uncovered a large arsenal of diverse weaponry and ammunition left behind by Russian mercenaries. The trophies included a Kamaz truck, loaded with rockets for Strila-10 anti-aircraft missile launcher, mortars and cannons. The most important find, according to paratroopers, were the new generation sniper rifles, made in Russian Federation.

“According to the testimony of captured terrorists, the combat spirit within their ranks is dramatically low, large numbers of fighters are in panic”, said NSDC Speaker.

A combined de-mining unit of Ukrainian Armed Forces removed sixteen boxes of trotyl and one hundred liters of niter from the bridge between Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Ukrainian combat engineers were carrying out their work under fierce enemy fire, yet they were able to prevent a large-scale terrorist act.

During the last 24 hours there have been 23 incidents of terrorists shelling block-posts and positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near such localities as Pisky, Stepanivka, Velyka Tarasivka, Chervonopartyzansk, Dibrivka, Bile, Schastya, Novoazovsk, Marynivka, Kozhevnya, Luhansk, Amvrosiivka.

“In these extremely difficult conditions, our border guard troops continue to protect and defend the state border of Ukraine in eastern regions”, said Lysenko. During the last 24 hours an active air reconnaissance operation, aimed at determining the positions of Ukrainian military, took place, illegally breaking into Ukrainian space and using, among others, unmanned drones, from the territory of the Russian Federation. Four pilotless drones, in particular, broke into the Ukrainian airspace near “Krasna Talivka” in Luhansk region.

In addition, Russian mercenaries have continued massive artilery shelling of te positions of ATO forces in sectors of border defence. Specifically, during the last 24 hours terrorists carried out 5 artilerry and tank attacks on border guard units on the border between Donetsk and Luhansk regions. As a result of these bombardments a number of shells hit Russian territory. Maneuvers

Russia continues to increase its military presense along the border with Ukraine. Russian military aviation continues active maneuvering in border regions. According to the available operative data, Russian military are setting up artillery firing positions near such localities as Matveev Kurgan, Kuybyshevo, Novoshahtinsk. They have already carried out adjustment firing of road junctions in frontier districts of Ukraine and, most likely, are ready to provide terrorists with artillery support.

In Donetsk, coal mines Skochinskoho, Trudovska, Abakumova and Chelyuskinciv have switched, as a matter of urgency, to emergency operation mode. Miners were lifted to the surface, coal mining was temporarily suspended. Terrorists have planted mines on the territory of Tochmash factory, aiming to cut off electricity at the airport. Terrorists continue to shell residential quarters and destroy infrastructure. In Horlivka, Sonyachniy and Mykytivskiy districts have been left without water.

The scope of internaitonal sanctions against Russia is expanding. In particular, representatives of the US Ministry of Finance and Canadian Ministry of Finance have announced their plan to block the World Bank’s credits and investment projects in Russia. This measure specifically concerns 9 new projects in RF in the amount of 1 billion and 340 million US dollars. The allocation of over 300 million USD for the ongoing investments and projects is also up in the air.

Meantime, the European Union has extended sanctions to additional 15 private persons, the moajority of whom are Russian government officials and representatives of police and military departments. The sanctions also apply to terrorist organizations DNR and LNR, “Vsevelikoe Vojsko Donskoje”, “Armija Yugo-Vostoka” and other terrorist organizations.

The sanctions have also been issued against nine enterprises, appropriated in breach of the Ukrainian laws in Crimea and Sevastopol. Among them are State Company “Kerchenska Paromna Pereprava”, Sevastopol Sea Commercial Port, Kerch Sea Commercial Port, State Company “Universal-Avia” in Simferopol, health center “Nova Oreanda” and such well-known wineries as “Agrarna Firma Magarach”, Champagne winery “Noviy Svet”, State industrial-agricultural corporation “Masandra”, Azov Distillery.