85 cases of human rights violation in Ukraine have been recorded during the last 3 months – UN Monitoring Mission

During the last 3 months UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine has documented 85 cases of human rights violations. The Government of Ukraine was responsible for 53 of them, so called “LPR”/”DPR” – for 10, occupying Russian authority in Crimea – for 22. In total, mission has recorded more than 160 violations as a result of which 282 persons suffered, in particular, 63 cases of human rights violations connected with arbitrary detention, unlawful detention, tortures, sexual abuse, threats to physical integrity on both sides of demarcation line.«In government controlled territories we are continuing to get access to official places of detention and conducting confidential interviews in 7 Ukrainian cities. In contrast, in the territories controlled by armed groups we are continued to be denied in confidential access to detainees. Such denies reaffirm us to concern about condition and methods that are used against them», – Fiona Frazer said, the Head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission to Ukraine during the presentation of the report in Ukraine Crisis Media Centre.

This and the other data was performed in the report of UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine between 16 May and 15 August 2018. Report is based on results of 177 interviews with victims and witnesses of human rights violations and monitoring visits to controlled and uncontrolled by Ukrainian Government territories.

«In Ukraine fighting continues in the East, daily lives of hundred thousands are disrupted by shelling, restriction of freedom of movement and by limited access to economic and social rights, detainees suffer in pretrial detention for months up to years, violent attacks against minorities and freedom of expression take place», – was mentioned by Fiona Frazer.

Except the human rights violation, UN Monitoring Mission has documented 105 victims among civilians in the military actions zone – 12 dead and 93 injured persons. This is 30% more than during the previous reporting period and 37% less than during the same period in 2017. The reasons for losses among civilians – are hand-grenades, trip wires and mines, and also shells that didn’t detonate. The most hurt category is children. Since the beginning of military conflict in Donbas near 144 children died, more than 263 were injured.  «This July and August we again saw how recommitment to the ceasefire does result in reducing civilian casualties. Every time when recommitment to ceasefire takes place, even for a few days or weeks, it saves lives and spares people from life outering injuries. But “Easter”, “Harvest” and “School” ceasefires can be just temporary solutions. […] We guess that Minsk agreement is the only option to achieve and end the conflict», – Fiona Frazer underlined.

Difficulties with demarcation line crossing in the conflict area is one of indirect human rights violation. It needs a lot of time, money and physical efforts. According to Mission data, more than 5000 civilians cross demarcation line every day, near 1 million 200 thousand people per month.

During the period from April to June 2018 near 100 thousands of internally displaced persons had lost the access to pensions because of Ukrainian Government policy.  «We affirm the decision of Pension Fund to suspend pensions on basis of verification and house checks as unlawful. We hope, this decision will lead to national policy to ensure the payment of pensions to all Ukrainian citizens no matter where they reside. But even more so, we reiterate that the whole procedure must be changed and the right to one’s pension must be based on the requirement to register as an internally displaced person», – head of Monitoring Mission said.

Adoption of law about missing persons on July 12, 2018 which is intended to support the families of disappeared people and to ensure the investigation of such cases according to rule of international law is a positive note. The report calls to provide the right for fair trial regarding the cases in military actions zone. During the investigated period 60% of court decisions on such cases were made on basis of the guilt recognition contract. However, during the last 5 years there has been no comprehensive policy of reparation or compensation for civilians who suffered in the conflict area. Monitoring Mission has noted the progress in investigation concerning Maidan and Odesa events in May 2014.

It is reported that the crimes against human rights at the uncontrolled territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions are committed by illegally created structures. The most common accusation is the connections with Ukrainian military.

The report contains cases of brutal attacks on journalists and activists. 45 cases of fundamental human rights and freedoms violations have been documented, including right for non-discrimination and equal legal defense. Some crimes, as it is said in report, were committed by police. There were at least 8 unpunished attacks of extreme right-wing groups toward media representatives, lawyers and representatives of national minorities.  During the period since April 2018 there were 5 forced attacks on Roma settlements on the West of Ukraine and in Kyiv.

As it is known, last week Head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission to Ukraine had presented report about human rights violation in occupied by Russia Crimea.