Manifesto of Ukraine Crisis Media Center in the year of presidential and parliamentary elections

The mission of Ukraine Crisis Media Center is to be a driver of Ukraine’s movement from the Revolution of Dignity to the State of Dignity and to promote development of Ukrainian statehood and civil society through strategic communications.

We believe that this can be achieved only together, through awareness-building activities and only in close cooperation with international partners.

Our values: Ukraine’s independence, democracy, civil society development, Ukrainian statehood, patriotism, courage, commitment and honesty, countering Russian aggression.

We do not work with news, we work with information and strategic communications. We have never been a news agency, so during the election period we will also be engaged in information analysis, work with experts, countering populism, explaining events and trends in the information field, without campaigning for any political force.

We are not just a platform, we are an institution. That is why we reserve the right to refuse requests for briefings at the UCMC press center with the participation of registered candidates for the presidency, as well as representatives of political forces and parties for the period from February 1, 2019 to November 20, 2019, if we see that a particular candidate or political force wants to use us in their election campaigning.

We are principled. Although our employees, board members and partners may have their own political preferences, we pledge to declare and avoid a conflict of interest concerning UCMCactivities, as well as to act ethically and according to the right and good.

We are independent. We do not deal with Russian money, with people who support a position against Ukraine’s independence, with oligarchic money and oligarchic projects, both political and image-building in the field of culture, science, modern technologies, sports, etc.

We are responsible and professional. We are taking care to ensure that personal political preferences do not affect an independent coverage of information, professionalism and objectivity of UCMC’s work during this period.