NSDC: Russia is not making any steps to deescalate the tension in the eastern regions of Ukraine


Kyiv, July 31, 2014 – On the night between July 30 and 31, from the territory of the Russian Federation, the camp of the united military unit of the “North” group based near Stanychno-Luhansk on the road between Voykovo (Russia) and Kolesnikova (Ukraine) was under fire of “Grad” systems. About 7 shots from “Grad” systems were made. Besides, yesterday, also from Russian territory, “Grad” systems fired at the border checkpoint “Marynivka.” At night the Russian mercenaries opened violent fire at the border servicemen near the village of Vasylivka. As a result, 3 border servicemen died and 11 were wounded. This was stated by the spokesman of the NSDC Information Center Colonel Andriy Lysenko during a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “Russia is not making any steps to deescalate the tension at the territory bordering Ukraine. As such, the Russian Armed Forces are accumulating military equipment and troops at the border with Sumy and Kharkiv oblasts. The Russians are preparing firing points to shoot at Ukrainian territory in the forest near the village of Kozino, Kursk oblast of the Russian Federation. Informative plaques with “firing line” written on them have been set up within 2 kilometers of the borderline with Sumy oblast,” stated Andriy Lysenko.

Near the Russian village of Shramko, within 25 meters of the border, a position for 8 BMD vehicles has been set up. Near the village of Selezniove within 50 meters of the border, platoons with armored weaponry of the Russian Army have been located. A military camp has been set up on the outskirts of the village of Podil-Hora.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs directed a demand to determine the reason of accumulation of Russian Army Forces and equipment near the state border with our country by OSCE communication channels. The request includes irrefutable evidence that the Russian military presence has been increasing recently. In this light, the fact that mass three-day aviation and tactics training is underway in Rostov oblast and Stavropol krai since July 29, is especially worrisome, during which, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, it is planned to launch unmanned missiles and “work on the destruction of an arbitrary enemy in the air, as well as the lending of military support to motorized infantry and tank divisions.”

Russia continues to supply the terrorists with heavy armored military equipment and weaponry. According to operative information, yesterday in the evening, 7 “GRAD” systems and 11 URAL vehicles arrived from Donetsk in Rostov oblast to Luhansk oblast. “An additional set up of a tactical group, which has 31 tanks, a 152-mm battery, a “Grad” systems unit, is being set up on Crimean territory. From the territory of the Russian Federation, divisions of the 7th airborne, 18th motorized infantry, 61st individual naval infantry brigades and the 75th special troop have been relocated to the autonomy,” added the NSDC spokesman.

ATO troops are advancing towards the mercenaries’ positions. Throughout the last 24 hours, Ukrainian aviation and artillery have been working in the ATO zone outside of localities. Our pilots made 11 flights, 2 of which had to do with medical evacuation. The artillery conducted 24 attacks, thus destroying manpower and equipment of the terrorists.

Yesterday near the village of Mospyne, Donetsk oblast, during intelligence raids, the Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to eliminate over 50 terrorists, a sniper and the mercenaries’ pillbox. Yet another correction sniper was destroyed near the village of Ulyanivske in Donetsk oblast by our border servicemen. During the cleanse of the region, an terrorist ambuscade, which were covering their sniper, was detected and destroyed. 4 terrorists died. There are no loses among the Ukrainian servicemen.

Yesterday the National Guard troops occupied three terrorist roadblocks near Debaltsevo, this way the ATO troops narrowed their circle around the groups of terrorists located in Pervomaysk, Stakhanov, Alchevsk. Combat to free Pervonaysk in Luhansk oblast is underway. Throughout the last 24 hours the terrorists fired at roadblocks and positions of Ukrainian military divisions near Marynivska, Mospynove, Diakov, Spatak, Sabiyivka and Luhansk airport.

Yesterday, on demand of the UN General Secretary, OSCE day was declared in Donetsk oblast inside the ATO zone. This is done in order to ensure full-scale work of international experts at the Boeing 777 crash cite. The Ukrainian troops are not engaged in combat on this territory. “The terrorists are ignoring the call of the UN General Secretary Bang-Ki Moon as to the immediate suspension of combat near the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 crash site. In particular, at 9 a.m. the occupants opened fire using two BM 21 “Grad” systems at the locality of Peremozhne in Lutuginsky district. By doing this, they are yet again showing their disregard for Ukraine and the entire global community,” noted Andriy Lysenko.

The Ukrainian Parliament ratified the agreement with the Netherlands regarding the protection of the mission to investigate the Boeing 777 crash in Donetsk oblast. The mission includes military and civilian personnel from the Netherlands, Australia and other countries, if necessary, whose citizens had been on board the MH17 flight. The mission will include no more than 700 armed people.

Yesterday the official EU magazine published another list of natural and legal persons who are subject to EU sanctions. The “black list” of companies includes the Russian State Commercial Bank, “Almaz-Antey” factory and “Dobrolet” airline.

The EU Council implemented limitations on EU member states and their commercial companies’ activities on the territory of occupied Crimea on July 30 in the following spheres: participation in extraction, transportation or sale of fuel or other resources; the sale of according technologies, equipment or loans; execution of infrastructural projects.

Head of the Norwegian MFA Berge Brent stated that Norway intends to join the EU sanctions against Russia. In the nearest future the government of the kingdom plans to hold consultations with the Parliament on this issue.