Ukrainian media digest 31 of July 2014

Deputy head of Mejlis Aslan Omer Kirimli was appointed head of Department of Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers (the government) on Crimea, QHA agency reports. “On July 1, 2014 I was appointed head of department on Crimea. Our work will be focused on organizing, informative and expert-analytical activity. The department will also coordinate the work of Ukrainian executive offices”- Aslan Omer Kirimli said to QHA.

Heads of municipal units will be elected by ballot voting after elections of deputies to representative bodies of city districts, cites and villages are to be held on 14 September, 2014. Following changes has been made to the law “About the structure and naming the bodies of local governments in the Republic of Crimea, about terms of appointment, the date of the election of deputies to representative bodies of city districts in the Republic of Crimea” at the so-called Crimea’s National Council special session.

The trading arm of French utility EDF turned away Panamax cargoes of thermal coal from Russian producer Zarechnaya Coal due to EU sanctions against Russia.

Donetsk’s governor Serhiy Taruta says regional authorities in Donetsk region are doing everything they could to save region’s manufacturing industry during anti-terrorist operation. He says he talks with ATO’s commanders all the time to persuade them all the region’s infrastructure should be defended during military operations.

Donetsk’s governor Serhiy Taruta gives his comments about the memorandum between Mariupol city council and DPR, which was signed in May. “I wouldn’t sign such a memorandum, but they had to balance in such a situation.”

The head of Luhansk regional council Valeriy Golenko underlines, Ukraine’s Budget should include resources to rebuild Luhansk region’s infrastructure.

They head of Luhansk regional council Valeriy Golenko says he is not implicated in organizing a referendum about republic’s non recognition.

The head of Lviv regional state administration Iryna Sekh appeals to the Ministry of Finance on budgets’ fiscal support issue.

Zaporizhzhya regional prosecution appeals to the court to ban non-government organization “Anticorruption movement “The Right Sector of Zaporizhzhya”.

A draft law on amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (re military taxes from oligarchs) has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada from Svoboda party. The law proposes to finance armed forces not by taxing all the Ukrainians, but oligarchs, the head of Svoboda party Oleg Tyahnybok informs.

Nearly 100 civilians were evacuated from Luhansk in conflict-stricken eastern Ukraine through a humanitarian corridor on July 30, said the acting head of Luhansk regional state administration. “The corridor have been opened for two days,” deputy head of Luhansk regional state administration Iryna Veryhina says. “It was planned it would work from 10 am. to 4 pm. But terrorists do not give us an opportunity to start rescuing people on time. In these days the corridor has been working only from 2 pm.” Veryhina says up to that time terrorists, who are paid by Russia, kept firing. Only after 2 pm. they stopped shooting and civilians could leave Luhansk safely.