Огляд українських ЗМІ за 1 серпня 2014

Today at the Lviv city council meeting deputies have discussed the question about reducing the quantity of deputies of the next term. Deputies have voted for this decision, Lviv city council’s press service reports. “The quantity of deputies of this term will remain as it is, the quantity will be changed with the next calling.” The regional council should vote for this decision, but there could be lots of underflows as many current deputies have their colleagues in the regional council. This is a big problem. For you to understand, the city of Lviv has two deputies in the regional council, the city of Morshyn – also two deputies. This is the truth,” Lviv city mayor Andriy Sadovyi explains.

A car found burnt out in Kharkiv. The car belonged to the head of Svoboda party in Kharkiv Oleg Debely. The party says the car was deliberately set on fire. www.unian.net

The head of Dnipropetrovsk regional council Yevheny Udod proposes to allot patches of land in Dnipropetrovsk to refuges from ATO zone.

Terrorists’ leader Igor Strelkov (Girkin) has ordered to begin a siege in Donetsk.

On 31 July “Credit Maidans” have protested in Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv. Earlier people’s demand was to recount dollar’s course, if they had foreign currency loan. Nowadays they ask to abate the rate of interest, write off their fine and do not charge a penalty.

Authorities of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration say winter 2014-2015 will be difficult. Deputy head of regional administration Petro Goncharuk pays attention to region’s development of power industry and preparations for the upcoming heat season. The work on attraction of investors is in the process. It is planned to rebuild boiler-houses in several regions.
A message that Ukraine’s militaries are preparing provocations was spread at the press-conference of the so-called “deputy head of DPR’s government Vladimir Antyufeev and DPR’s minister of defense Igor Strelkov.”

Only 5 UAH was fundraised for terrorists’ “Mozgovoy army” in Rovenky city

In Sverdlovsk and Rovenky cities militants have spread a rumor that Oleg Lyashko promised to raze cities to the ground on the television talk-show Shuster-live. Militants explain Ukrainian army is shelling cities on purpose to retaliate upon those who had stood against them and to reduce the number of citizens.

“Citizens of Crimea could sleep peacefully as Russian Federation has enough possibilities to prevent Ukraine’s military aggression in the northern part of the peninsula,” the so-called republic’s acting head Sergey Aksenov told in the program “In first person” at “Crimea” TV. www.pravda.crimea.ua