Ukraine’s implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union has a positive impact on small and medium-sized businesses


Ukraine’simplementation of the Association Agreement with the European Unionin the sphere of business hasa positive effect on the activity of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.  Dmytro Patis, Head of the Export Platform of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, noted that business has become much easier in the last five years. This concerns the return of VAT and the lack of rigorous inspections. We even could not imagine a few years ago, that can enter into business with Europe. Today we, little company, feel the players of world market and we compete not with the Ukrainian, but with global companies. We feel integrated in a global economy”, – added Tetyana Abramova, director and founder of the fashion house” RITO “, during a round table at UkraineCrisis Media Center.

Among the problems of implementation of programs of the European Union in relation to small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine, the roundtable participants highlighted the lack of communication and information about new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Therefore, the priority of the Office of development of small and medium-sized businessesnowis  the creation of informative portal which will give possibility businessmen to get information about possibilities of the regional and international programs of support.

“The amount of support provided by the European Union to Ukraine is not fully used.It can take place from two reasons – or support does not answer business necessities, or business don’t know about this support “, – said Andriy Slabinsky, a representative of Office of development of small and middle business.

Raul Rebane, medias expert (Estonia), underlined importance of overcoming of corruption for the rapid development of small and middle business and forming of mutual trust between businessmen and state. “Digitalization of the country is a powerful blow to corruption. For example, in Estonia 82% citizens trust a tax inspection, as it is impossible to manipulate figures”, – he said.

“The segment of small and medium-sized businesses is the driving force of the economy, because it is a segment that operatively adapts to any changes”, said Yulia Shevchenko, a representative of the Government Office for the Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.