NSDC: ATO armed forces liberated Yasynuvatu- a significant railway junction point in the Donetsk region


Kyiv, August 4, 2014 – Yesterday, ATO forces had liberated Yasynuvata city, Donetsk region, which is known as a significant point of railway junction of the region. “The liberation of the city allowed encircling Donetsk from the north and blocking one of the important paths of terrorists’ weapon and technical supply. Currently, the operation regarding the identification and the elimination of the rest of the terrorists’ gang formations is being launched in the city. Furthermore, the Ukrainian servicemen unblocked the ways connecting Dmytrivka and Dyakove settlements”, – claimed the spokesman of the Information-Analytical Center of the National Security and Defense Council, Col. Andriy Lyasenko, during the briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

It has been indicated that within 24 hours Ukrainian armed forces had 39 clashes with terrorists nearby the settlements: Mayorske, Krasnogorivka, Chervonopartizansk, Stukalova Balka, Dyakove, Luhansk, Novogannivka, Svitle, Kamyanka, Novyi Svit, Pisky, Mayorske, Zelenopillya, Nyzhnya Talivka and Nizhniy Minchinok. “The night from 3rd to 4th of August has been especially distinguished by the high level of the terrorists’ activity. The intensity of the gunning attacks targeting ATO, including those coming from BM-21 Grad vehicles, tanks and mortars has increased”,- added the spokesman of the Information-Analytical Center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

Within 24 hours, the positions of ATO were gunned five times from the territory of Russian Federation; the attacks from the BM-21 Grad were also detected. Moreover, at 21.00, Ukrainian paratroopers were captured by the gunfire of the Russian militants near Chervonopartizansk region and the bases of the Ukrainian Army in Zelenopillya region were under the mortar attack. At midnight, the Ukrainian paratroopers in Dyakovo region were fired from BM-21 by the Russian soldiers. Furthermore, the Russian armed forces opened gunfire, targeting the positions of the Ukrainian State Border Services, and also fired an armed team of group N1 in the area of Kamyshne village. The fire has been coming from the Manotskiy settlement (the territory of Russian Federation) aiming at the Ukrainian village Yuhanivka.

“Today, at 4.30, the planned operation of the de-blocking of the Ukrainian military units in the area of Chervonopartyzanska has been completed. The majority of the Ukrainian military successfully completed the commands of the ATO and eventually reached the safe locations, so to be dispatched to the units of the military recovery. A part of the military group left to the Russian territory. At the moment, the Ukrainian party is doing everything possible in order to return the Ukrainian soldiers back home. After their return, the details of the night’s events will be clarified.”- explained Col. Lysekno.

The representatives of the Ukrainian Law Enforcement continue to examine Slovyansk, Debaltseve and Krematorsk, Donetsk region. After the liberation of the sites from the militants, the citizens continue to provide information regarding the location of the individuals that were involved with the terrorist activity.

“Within 24 hours, the National Guard of Ukraine captured a group of suspected in cooperation with the actions of DNR individuals, who turned out to be the local citizens, previously condemned. The evaluation of their involvement in illegal activities is currently under investigation, as they are being questioned by the competent authorities. It has been identified that one of the arrested is a former leader of the separatist group “Shield””-pointed the spokesman of NSDC.

The groups of civil military cooperation of Ukrainian Armed Forces continue the anti-terrorist operation. Daily, they held meetings with the local citizens, representatives of the local authorities and rural councils, the leaders of the local Law Enforcements and civil defense of the inhabitants from the emergencies on the territory of Donetsk region. Furthermore, they are working on the issue of recovery of the local infrastructure and the ways of providing social and household help.

On the temporary occupied territories of the east of Ukraine, the terrorists are robbing the local population, kidnap the citizens and occupy private buildings and vehicles.

“In relation to that we encourage local citizens to leave the occupied by the terrorists territories. Specifically for the IDP from near Donetsk area that are traveling through the humanitarian corridors, two additional meeting points were built in Dachne village, Mariinskiy region and Shastya city, Luhansk region. The corridor leading to Shastya city has been used by 976 individuals arriving from the Luhansk region”, – informed Andriy Lysenko.

During August, 3rd, the pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Services defused 163 of ammunition items and explosives on the territory of the liberated cities and villages. 113 Hectares of the territory have been examined.

The Prime Minister of Rumania, Victor Ponta did not deny a possibility of the deterioration of the economic relations between Rumania and Russia, and also, blamed the destabilization of the situation on the east of Ukraine on the authorities of Russian Federation.

Vice-chancellor of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel admitted, that sectorial sanctions of the EU against Russian Federation would have a negative impact on the economy of Germany. At the same time he pointed out that maintaining peace and safety in Europe is more important than a loss of a few percentages of a potential economic growth.

“The sanctions of the EU against Russia began to work. Indeed, Russian airlines “Dobrolyot” have suspended the flights to Crimea because of the cancellations made by the European counterparts of the lease agreements, technical support, insurance of the planes and the access to the information regarding the air navigation”,- added the spokesman of NSDC.