NSDC: Ukrainian troops continue to oust Russian mercenaries


Kyiv, August 5th, 2014- the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue an offensive on the territory, temporarily occupied by the Russian mercenaries. Last night, the Ukrainian aviation made forcing attacks that eventually destroyed the clusters of terrorists and military equipment located outside the inhabited areas- as it was claimed by the NSDC spokesman Loc. Andriy Lysenko during the press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Centre.

Within 24 hours, 26 fire clashes between ATO and terrorists were indicated in the regions of Ambrosyivka, Mayorske, Sabivka, Berezove, Olenivka, Maryanivka, Dyakove, Shumy, Rozkishne, Kamyanka, Makarove, Volnuhino, Ol’hovatka, Shahtarsk, Dmytrivka, Savur-Mogyla and airfield “Luhansk”.

“Emerging from the territory of Russian Federation artillery and mortar attacks on the ATO continued. Yesterday, from 10 a.m., for 4 hours the Russian military fired the positions of the Ukrainian border guards near Vasylivka and Amvrosyivka using artillery and BM-21 vehicles. The fire has been detected from near Russian village Marfyvka. At 6 p.m Russians using the howitzer attacked the Ukrainian town Amvrosyivka and the units of ATO forces located nearby. From 10 p.m., for 3 hours, the units of the Ukrainian military located in the area of Stanyci Luganskoi, Luhansk region, were attacked with mortar and artillery fire from the territory of Russian Federation. Later, Russians turned the chaotic fire towards the further inland territories of Ukraine”, – noted Loc. Lysenko.

At midnight, the Russian troops fired from BM-21 Grad the units of the Ukrainian paratroopers near Amvrossyivka. Two hours later, the shelling was carried out from Russian territory targeting the checkpoints of the Ukrainian army in Dyakovo region.

“The terrorists have reached a new level of nastiness. At approximately 6 a.m. near the border checkpoint “Uspenka”, Donetsk region, the terrorists attacked a convoy of unarmed Ukrainian militants of brigade 72 (195 people) returning from the territory of Russian Federation, and accompanied by the military police unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The attack has been repulsed. Luckily no one got injured”, – informed Andriy Lysenko. It is important to recall, that recently a part of the Ukrainian military after a long-lasting attacks coming from tanks, heavy guns, BM-21 Grad, and soon after ammunition was pushed to the Russian territory. Our military, before leaving, undermined the remains of the military equipment, and destroyed their weapons. Within 24 hours, the clashes continued between the Ukrainian border guards and the terrorists.

“Yesterday, around 11.40, the unit of the Ukrainian Border Service “Amvrosyivka” got involved in a battle with the militants attempting to reach the territory of the Russian Federation on two minibuses from Ilovaiska. The terrorists failed to break through the Ukrainian checkpoint, and eventually were forced to withdraw”, – added Lysenko. During the past 24 hours, there has been identified the evidence confirming the acts of implementation of the aerial reconnaissance performed by the unmanned aerial vehicles on the territory of Donetsk and Kherson regions.

“Yesterday, there have been indicated 5 cases of the airspace violation performed by Russian UAVs in the area of Ukrainian Border Service “Mariupol”, throughout the administrative border of Kherson region and Autonomous Republic of Crimea, over the territorial waters of Ukraine near Sedove village, near the port Mariupol’ and the former military airfield in Bolgrad city, Odessa region”,- informed the NSDC’s spokesman.

Near the border regions of Ukraine, on the territory of Russian Federation, there have been indicated the new units of Armed Forces of Russian Federation. Those were the units of 138th separate infantry brigade from Leningrad region- located in Rostov region; the units of 25th separate infantry brigade from Pskov region- located in Belgorod region; the units of 531st Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment from Murmansk region, which are located in Kursk region.

“Yesterday, The Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation launched a large-scale military training involving more than 100 military aerial vehicles including Su-27, MiG-31, multifunctional complexes Su-34, frontline bomber Su-24, Mil Mi-8, Mil Mi-24, Mil Mi28, and AA warfare systems. The Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported that the training will be sustained until August, 8th”- added Andriy Lysenko.

According to the representative of NSDC, Ukraine considers the launch of such unprecedented military trainings located near the border line with Ukraine as provocation. The head of Press Service of the U.S. Department of State, Jen Psaki also expressed a deep concern of White House towards the launched by Russia “provocative” air force and air defense trainings in the regions close to the Ukrainian border.  Moreover, she, again, blamed Russian Federation for supplying the terrorists in the east of Ukraine with the military equipment, including the missile systems of salvo fire.

“The overall number of accumulated units of the Armed Forces and the Internal troops of the Interior Ministry, concentrated along the state border of Ukraine includes 45 thousand people, 160 tanks, up to 1360 armored combat vehicles, up to 350 artillery systems, 130 missile systems of salvo fire, 192 warplanes and 137 attack helicopters”- pointed out Andriy Lysenko.

From 4th to 5th of August the representatives of SBU captured sabotage group in Zhytomyr which was planning the terrorist acts.  A few members of the group were identified as Ukrainian citizens employed by the Russian reconnaissance. Nearly 8 kilograms of self-produced explosives were confiscated from the arrested.

In Kramatorsky and Slovyansk there have been renovated social benefits, and the debts were paid off. The citizens of those cities already receive the social benefits. In the cases of the cities, which are still under control of the terrorists, the money cannot be delivered without difficulties, thus, the payments are delayed.

“In order to receive the social support the citizens are recommended to move to the cities where the system of payments has been established. 77 thousands of IDPs already took advantage of such opportunity. After the relocation to another city, people need to register and write a request claiming the social benefits. Appropriate agencies- the retirement fund or the administration of social protection of population would guarantee the review of the request within a short notice. Overall, today, 22 thousands of IDPs requested the payments regarding the pensions; in addition, 5 thousands of people expressed their desire to get employed in the new location. It needs to be reminded that all the temporary IDPs can get answers to all the general questions by calling the hot line -101, or government line 0-800-507-309”- claimed the spokesman of NSDC.

In contrary to the claims received from the Russian side, the artillery fire, coming from the Russian territory, targeting the inhabited areas and the units of the Ukrainian Armed forces in the regions near the Russian border, still continues. The invasion of the Ukrainian airspace by the Russian aircraft and UAVs continues has also been indicated, as well as the ongoing growth of the heavy armor and the units of Russian Armed Forces and the establishment of their fire units along the Ukrainian- Russian state border.

As a result of the attacks, there were victims among both the civic population and the military; in addition, a number of residential, commercial and state buildings were destroyed.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for one more time expressed a categorical protest addressed to the Russian side regarding the acts of aggression towards our state that happened from 1st to 3rd of August.

“Moreover, from the territory of Russia there has been launched a series of artillery attacks targeting the units of Ukrainian Armed Forces near the Ukrainian border checkpoints “Dovzhansky”, “Dyakove” and “Chervonopartyzansk”, Dyakove and Stanytsya Luganska settlements in Luhansk region and Amvrosyivka settlement in Donetsk region”,- added Lysenko.

In the regions of Blagovishenka, Gerasymivka, Zolotarivka, Krasna Talivka, Shyroke and Yuganivka settlements in Luhansk area there has been documented an invasion of the Ukrainian airspace from the territory of Russian Federation by 11 airplanes, including Mi-8, Mi-24 and KA-52.  UAVs entered the airspace of Ukraine from the Russian territory near the area of the border checkpoint “Dovzhanskiy”, Gerasymivka, Zolotarivka, Blagovishenka and Yuhanivka settlements in Luhansk region, and also Sedove settlement, Donetsk region.

The Russian Law Enforcements continue support the terrorist organizations, so-called DNR and LNR, and also send the military mercenaries to Ukraine in order to destabilize the situation. The military actions against Ukraine and Ukraine’s people are performed by the Russian citizens with Russian weapons.

“We demand, again, the Russian side to end such criminal acts addressed against the independence, sovereignty, and territorial unity of Ukraine, withdraw the troops from the border of Ukraine and join the attempts of our state and the international community to stabilize the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk region”,- insisted Lysenko.

The Department of Energy USA suspended the collaboration with the Russian side regarding all the programs in the field of nuclear technologies, apart from the safety of nuclear materials.

The Minister of Economics of Germany Zigmar Gabriel informed about the termination of the agreement on the supply of the equipment for the training center of the Armored Forces of Russian Federation in regards to the crisis in Ukraine. In relation to the practical realization of the sectorial sanctions against Russian Federation, Italy suspended the realization of the collaborated with Russia project on the construction of the small displacement submarine S-1000. The administration of Japan approved the decision regarding the introduction of the new series of sanctions against Russia.

“The list included 40 individuals, and two companies. New sanctions imply the freezing of the bank accounts of natural and legal persons, which, according to Tokyo, “involved with the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by Russia.” Furthermore, Japan introduces ban on importation of certain products from Crimea”- explained Andriy Lysenko.