National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine: АТО forces destroyed two “Grad” launchers which used to belong to militants


Kyiv, August 6, 2014 – АТО subdivisions destroyed two terrorists’ “Grad” rocket launchers together with their crew through artillery attack of militants’ positions nearby Orlovo-Ivanivka settlement in Shakhtarskyi district. It was information spokesman for Information and Analysis Center of National Security and Defence Council colonel Andriy Lysenko gave during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center. «АТО forces are focused on raiding activities and isolation of district which are under temporary terrorists’ control. Encirclement around Russian mercenaries’ positions nearby Stakhanov, Alchevsk and Luhansk is being tightened despite bandits’ fruitless attempts to break through the ring. Activities on checkpoints hardening are also in progress», – added colonel Lysenko.

Within 24 hours АТО forces made fire contact with terrorists in the area of populated localities Orlovo-Ivanivka, Kumachove, Shumy, Novoivanivka, Maryivka, Krasnyi Yar, Stukalova Balka, Savur-Mohyla and “Luhansk” air field for 25 times. «Artillery bombardment of ATO positions from the territory of the Russian Federation continues. For instance, yesterday starting from 1:55 pm troopers’ positions were being attacked by fire nearby Dyakove populated locality during an hour and a half.  Another bombardment took place tonight. Ukrainian troopers were maintaining taken positions under enemy’s interlocking fire», – National Security and Defence Council spokesman informed.

Yesterday nearby Krasna Talivka settlement in Luhansk region after Russian pilotless aircraft’s reconnaissance flight over Ukrainian border guards’ positions Russian troops were attacking State Border Guard Service subdivisions by shellfire and gunnery for four hours. Russians were shooting from their territory, in particular from positions situated nearby Novoruske and Ushakovka villages.  «In frontier area Russian servicemen outshoot ATO forces’ positions nearby Stepanivka, Amvrosiyivka, “Uspenka” border crossing checkpoint as well as border detachment in Vasylivka village with mortar fire. “Dyakove” border crossing checkpoint and Petropavlivka settlement were outshot with “Grad” rocket launchers yesterday», – stated Andriy Lysenko during the briefing.

In this regard Pentagon representative, rear-admiral John Kirby stated that Pentagon recorded facts of supplying militants with weapons from Russia. He also expressed his concern with the fact of enforced presence of capable army of the Russian Federation on Russian-Ukrainian border.

Yesterday raiders damaged main cable line in Yasynuvata – Krasnyi Luch segment in Donetsk region.  Debaltseve, Dzerzhynsk, Artemivsk, Horlivka, Kramatorsk, Druzhkivka, Kostyantynivka and Slovyansk got cut off. At present it is impossible to restore connection because of combat activities in the area. «Local inhabitants actively help ATO forces in terrorists’ position tracing. During 24 hours 45 messages about people participating in terrorist activity, fire positions and terrorists’ location were communicated to ATO headquarters hotline in Mariupol city. Please be reminded that such information can be transmitted either to hotline number – 101 or by calling to the government line 0-800-507-309», – emphasized Andriy Lysenko.

Yesterday nearby Mangush settlement subdivisions of the National Guard of Ukraine detained a citizen suspected of financing terrorists.  «Considerable sum of money in cash as well as bank cards were confiscated on him. The detained was transferred to the corresponding authorities for investigatory actions to be conducted» – added colonel Lysenko.

Tonight emergency session of UN Security Council took place initiated by the Russian Federation, during which the majority of participants directly accused Russian of initiating the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. US representative emphasized that Russia is to maintain territorial integrity of Ukraine and stop supplying militants with weapons.  Representative of Great Britain called terrorists and Russia the culprits of humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe, as they are directly connected with deterioration of the situation in this territory. «Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on so-called international humanitarian mission in Donbas to be cynical. It is exactly Russia who keeps on destabilizing situation in the East of Ukraine, thoroughly supporting terrorists’ criminal activity and bears full responsibility for humanitarian problems in Donetsk and Luhansk regions», – National Security and Defence Council spokesman informed.

Terrorists, considerable number of them being citizens of Russia, are deliberately ruining infrastructure of the region, residential buildings, attacking medical institutions and its personnel, outshooting hospitals, capture emergency ambulances.  Human rights organization «Human Rights Watch» in their report also condemned such crimes of pro-Russian militants, calling upon terminating it immediately.

«АТО forces are providing for gradual renewal of infrastructure and coming back to normal life», – emphasized Andriy Lysenko.

In June Intra-agency coordination headquarters under the direction of State Emergency Service was created and has been efficiently working since then. Apart from Ukrainian agencies, UN and Red Cross representatives went into it. Closely cooperating with them, Ukrainian authorities are applying every effort to secure primary humanitarian needs of non-combatants and internally displaced people. Humanitarian corridors for those who wish to leave ATO area have been created.