U.S. Department: We have not yet exhausted the potential of sanctions


Kyiv, August 7 2014. “It is clear that the United States and its partners will continue to support Ukraine, its sovereignty and its territorial integrity. We hope that Russia will reconsider the course it is now on. Otherwise we have not yet exhausted the potential of sanctions, they still has plenty to loose”, stated Daniel Fried, U.S. Department’s Coordinator for Sanctions Policy at his press briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Commenting on Russia’s retaliatory actions to the sanctions of US, EU and other countries, Mr. Fried said: “I don’t understand how depriving the Russian people of access to good food is going to help anyone”.

U.S. Department’s Coordinator for Sanctions Policy  has come to Ukraine for a set of meetings with the Ukrainian government regarding the sanctions that Ukraine is preparing to impose on Russia.

“The U.S. developed its own sanctions in close consultation with the EU and other key allies such as Canada, Australia and Japan and we believe this was the right thing to do. We’ve made the same recommendations to Ukraine to consult closely with key partners such as European Union. Any sanctions that Ukraine imposes need to be firmly rooted in law, based on evidence, transparent and designed to be reversible, since the purpose of sanctions after all is to help create conditions under which you don’t need sanctions anymore”, stated Daniel Fried.

Mr. Fried has commented on the approach the Ukrainian government is taking in developing its sanctions policy: “It is a good thing that Ukraine rather than react impulsively and emotionally is taking the trouble to think through its options. We are more than ready to support thoughtful, transparent and legally based system that this government is trying to develop”.

The U.S. Department representative has also commented on the restrictions which exist in the sanctions policy development: “The challenge in sanctions policy is to develop sanctions that are most effective against the intended target with least damage to yourself. In this regard I applaud the EU for its strong sanctions announced last week. This was a demonstration of its ability to think and act strategically and unite against the common threat”, said Mr. Fried.

 Daniel Fried has concuded his briefing by expressing the full support of the U.S. government to Ukraine in current crisis: “In this difficult time our policy is to support Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the right of Ukrainian people to choose its own future. Imposing sanctions is just one of the tools to support this policy. There are plenty of other steps that we take which include economic and political support”.