Commentary of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine on the Russian initiative regarding international humanitarian mission

Proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the so-called international humanitarian mission in Donbas sounds cynical. Simply because Russia continues to destabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine, supports the activity of terrorists and bears full responsibility for humanitarian problems in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
Apart from deliberate destruction of vital infrastructure and buildings in the region, water and electricity supply systems, the terrorists from so called “DNR” and “LNR”, including a large number of Russian citizens, attack on medical units and personnel, fire on hospitals with explosive weapons, compromise the ability of civilian patients to receive treatment, expropriate ambulances. Human Rights Watch organization in today’s report condemned such acts of pro-Russian fighters and called to stop it immediately.
On the other hand, the antiterrorist forces, which successfully free the cities of Donbas region from terrorist, return peace to citizens, provide a gradual restoration of infrastructure and return to normal life.
Since June Interagency Coordination Unit, which includes representatives of UN System organizations and International Committee of the Red Cross, has been operating successfully in Ukraine to ensure urgent humanitarian needs of the civilian population and internally displaced persons. Humanitarian corridors are opened for everyone who wishes to leave the antiterrorist operation area.
Ukraine and the whole civilized world do not believe in the sincerity of Russia’s intentions. While terrorists keep receiving weapons, military equipment and mercenaries from the Russian Federation, our international partners at the request of Ukraine provide practical assistance in rebuilding the infrastructure and addressing the urgent humanitarian needs of civilian population of Donbas.