Day 763: Russia’s Zircon missiles in Crimea threaten larger area

Russia’s Zircon missiles in Crimea threaten a larger area. Russian strikes on Mykolayiv, Kharkiv result in casualties. An armored capability coalition for Ukraine meets in Warsaw.

Russia’s Zircon missiles in Crimea threaten larger area 

Russia has amassed long-range Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles in occupied Crimea and could continue precision strikes at Kyiv, spokesperson for Ukraine’s southern military command, Colonel Natalia Humenyuk said on national television on Wednesday. 

Whenever there is a threat that Russia could fire ballistic missiles from the south, an air raid alert is declared across southern and south-eastern Ukraine, Humenyuk explained. If there is a threat that Russia could fire long-range Zircon missiles, an air raid alert will be also issued in central and northern areas, including Kyiv region.

“The enemy has amassed several dozen such missiles in its Crimea hub. From time to time, they could continue terror and launch precision strikes at targets that include Kyiv,” Humenyuk said.

When asked if Russia is redeploying ballistic missile systems in Crimea or moving its fleet away from the peninsula, Humenyuk said that the situation with Russian warships there is somewhat “calmer”.

“They remain at the bases. They have not been out at sea for a while, neither in the Black Sea nor in the Azov Sea, fearing what has become a real threat to them. We are watching the situation and are warning of ballistic missile threats accordingly,” she said. 

The enemy is redeploying anti-ship (coastal) or operational tactical missile systems from time to time. Russia will also try to use other types of missiles to carry out precision strikes, Humenyuk said.

Russian strikes on Mykolayiv, Kharkiv result in casualties

A Russian missile strike at Mykolayiv on Wednesday injured eight people. One person is in critical condition. Russia purportedly struck the city with ballistic missiles, the mayor of Mykolayiv, Oleksandr Senkevych said on Telegram.

A Russian drone attack on Ukraine’s southern regions on Monday injured 11 people in Mykolayiv and damaged a two-story building in the city. Three people were taken to hospital.  

A Russian attack on a residential neighborhood in Kharkiv on Wednesday killed one and injured 19 others, including a three-month-old child, the Kharkiv regional prosecutor’s office said. Russia purportedly used two UMPB D-30 glide bombs to carry out the attack, it added.

Armored capability coalition for Ukraine meets in Warsaw

Members of an armored capability coalition for Ukraine met for the first time in Warsaw on Tuesday. Ukraine was represented by Deputy Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Ivan Havrylyuk.

“An armored-vehicle coalition aims to bolster armored capabilities of Ukraine’s defense forces, to jointly build up the Ukrainian army in the face of Russian aggression and to ensure efficient use, maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment provided by our allies,” Havrylyuk said.

The countries participating in the meeting agreed over armored vehicle types to be sent to Ukraine and ways to repair them, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in a statement. 

The group established four syndicates, each overseeing a different task. The tasks include the supply of weapons and munitions for Western armored vehicles in Ukraine, maintenance and repair, training for crew and maintenance teams, and tactical combat training. 

In the long run, participants of the tank and armor capability coalitions will help create Ukraine’s armored vehicle fleet and will establish innovative joint production with the country. Poland and Germany are leading the coalition, and other countries have signed up, including the UK, Sweden, and Italy.  

Polish businesses face losses amidst border blockade with Ukraine. Ukraine in Flames #590

From the beginning of the border blockade, Polish businesses operating in Ukraine began to lose profits. This applies primarily to construction companies and dairy producers. According to the National Agricultural Support Center of Poland, last year Ukraine became the second largest recipient of Polish products among non-EU countries (after Great Britain). Polish businessmen note the growing concern over the development of events that have a negative impact on the trade exchange between Poland and Ukraine. Watch Ukraine in flames #590 to find out more about losses incurred by Polish companies from the border blockade with Ukraine by Polish farmers and the need for strategic cooperation between our governments in overcoming these issues.


  • Szymon Waszczyn, Chairman of the Council of the International Association of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine
  • Dariusz Górczyński, Member of the Council of the International Society of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine
  • Andriy Tsyhaniuk, Member of the Council of the International Society of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine, Head of the Sales Department of the Aluprof Company