Valeriy Chalyi: Humanitarian aid from Russia is part of an international humanitarian mission to be approved by Ukraine and coordinated by the International Committee of the Red Cross


Kyiv, 12 August 2014 – “Today, we do not use the term ‘humanitarian convoy’ as the word ‘convoy’ inherently implies something military. We are talking about international humanitarian aid which Ukraine is ready to accept from our partners. We do not object to Russia’s getting involved in this partnership but this should only be done in accordance with Ukrainian and international rules,” said Valeriy Chalyi, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, at a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

According to Mr. Chalyi, the situation is currently developing in accordance with the international law and Ukraine’s domestic legislation. “We have received a note from the Russian counterpart, and to me this demonstrates that there is a movement towards a proper, international law format on this specific humanitarian issue.”

Valeriy Chalyi said that the Red Cross Committee offices in Russia and Ukraine are waiting for a note with a detailed description of the items that will come from Russia as humanitarian aid. “We are speaking about humanitarian goods needed by the citizens of Luhansk.”

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration assured that Ukraine will not allow any Russian convoy to travel through the Ukrainian territory, and any actions that have not been coordinated with Ukraine will be considered as an act of aggression which will be followed by adequate reaction from the Ukrainian side.

Commenting on the procedure for the acceptance of humanitarian aid, Valeriy Chalyi explained: “This delivery will be made according to the established procedures: delivery to the border, customs formalities in the transit zone and clearance procedure. Next, the International Committee of the Red Cross will load the goods on their vehicles. This way the Red Cross Committee will fully coordinate and deliver this humanitarian aid, and Ukraine will take responsibility for ensuring that it is delivered safely.”