National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine: pro-Russian fighters are trying to escape ATO zone in the guise of refugees


Kyiv, August 16, 2014 – Pro-Russian terrorists of self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” are seeking fraudulent documents using Ukrainian passport forms in order to escape the ATO zone in the guise of refugees. The majority of militants reported to leave Donetsk region by August 18. «Terrorists dress up in civilian clothes, grab only passports and using passenger transport under the guise of non-combatants are making attempts to cross checkpoints of Ukrainian forces. In the last 72 hours 13 terrorist suspect men aged from 20 to 45 were detained at the checkpoint nearby Debaltseve in Donetsk region where Ukrainian National Guard servicemen are drawing duty. A field commander of Luhansk terrorist group is among them. He is giving evidence now»,- informed the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Information center spokesman colonel Andriy Lysenko during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Russian and terrorist information sources spread another provocative message on a crushing defeat of several units of Ukrainian Armed Forces nearby Savur-Mohyla kurgan. «We officially state that the information has been absolutely distorted and does not correspond with the reality.  Ukrainian troops retain this hill and successfully fight off the militants’ counterattacks», – emphasized the representative of the National Security and Defense Council.

Following the results of the EU Council on Foreign Affairs emergency meeting that took place in Brussels yesterday, a resolution on Ukrainian situation was approved. The document, among other provisions, contains EU summons to Russian government to terminate any military actions nearby Ukrainian border. EU support to any party involved in international humanitarian organizations in compliance with international humanitarian law and its principles under the Ukrainian government consent is also being expressed. EU called upon all the parties involved to extend the OSCE Monitoring mission for unbiased reporting on the situation at «Hukovo» and «Donetsk» border crossing checkpoints as well as operational information sharing between Ukraine, Russian Federation and OSCE.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen confirmed that an armored column entered Ukrainian territory from the Russian side. According to Rasmussen, last night NATO observed trespass of Ukrainian frontier by a military column. «This serves as evidence of the fact that we observe constant influx of weapons and militants from Russia to the East of Ukraine”, – stated Rasmussen. NATO Secretary General also emphasized that the armored vehicles intrusion unambiguously demonstrates that Russia continues destabilizing eastern Ukraine.

UK Home Office and official representative of German government Steffen Seibert demand from Russian authorities to provide immediate explanation to the international community on media reports about Russian armored column crossing Ukrainian border.

Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Karl Bildt stated that the best aid from Russia’s side in the context of sending “humanitarian convoy” would be ceasefire in the east of Ukraine.