Weekly roundup. Ukraine resists Russia’s invasion. Days 810-814

This week, all eyes were on Russia’s fresh offensive in the border areas of northeastern Kharkiv region. Early in the week, Russian forces seized several villages there, edging to Vovchansk — a town that sits a few kilometers from the border.

Further into the week, Ukrainian troops managed to stabilize the situation on the Kharkiv axis, blocking Russian forces at the lines that they were able to reach. Ukrainian troops partially pushed the enemy forces out of Vovchansk. The enemy’s plans to penetrate deep into the town and gain a foothold there were thwarted. Fighting continues to rage there.

A Ukrainian missile strike on targets in occupied Crimea on Wednesday reportedly destroyed an S-400 Triumph air defense system, two MiG-31 fighter jets, and a fuel depot. U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken was in Kyiv on a two-day trip. He announced that the U.S. will provide two billion dollars in military aid for Ukraine. Ukraine needs two Patriot batteries to defend Kharkiv and the surrounding region, President Zelenskyi said during a meeting with Blinken.  

Power outages were enforced across Ukraine as the temperatures went down. Russian missile strikes at Ukraine’s energy facilities this spring have significantly damaged the country’s generating capacity. Ukraine’s current electricity production and imports are not enough to cover consumption. 

Ukraine’s major drone strike hits Russian Krasnodar region, setting oil refinery in Tuapse ablaze

Overnight on Friday, Ukrainian drones struck sites in occupied Crimea, and in the cities of Tuapse and Novorossiysk in Russia’s Krasnodar region.  

A drone attack early Friday caused a fire at an oil refinery in Tuapse which was later contained, Russian Telegram channel Astra said. Drones hit the port and an oil depot in Novorossiysk, likely targeting the Novorossiysk fuel oil terminal and the Transneft terminal.

More than 30 explosions rocked the city of Novorossiysk. The seaport lost power, Russian media said, citing local residents. Traffic along the Magistralnaya street was halted. The impact of the drone strikes will be clarified by later reports.