International Volunteers and Local Organizations Help Wounded Ukrainians


Kyiv, August 21, 2014. Ukrainian organizations and international volunteers are helping injured Ukrainian soldiers get the medical assistance that they deserve. Volunteers from all over the world have played an important role donating funds and medical equipment for injured Ukrainian soldiers. This was stated by Olga Durbak-Chuyko and Sergei Marenich, representatives of International Association for Support and Development of Ukraine,” and Alexander Kurichko a representatives of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. International assistance for Ukraine started to help protestors injured on Maidan, and has now extended to Ukrainians fighting in the eastern part of the country reiterated the speakers.  In addition, European hospitals continue to sponsor injured Ukrainians and support their recovery and rehabilitation process.

Durbak-Chuyko stressed that the efforts of her organization hinges on the efforts of international volunteers. During the events on Maidan, Ukrainians and Ukrainian organizations wrote letters to people all over Europe, and “we received immediate funds,” she said. She stressed that medical support for Ukrainian soldiers participating in the Anti-Terrorist Organization is also necessary, as they are taking part in the next step of the true liberation of Ukraine. Her organization, which started its work unofficially during the time of Maidan, was registered by the Ukrainian government several months ago. Now, “we are providing medical assistance to the military, national guard, and the border and security services of Ukraine,” she said.

At the moment, the organization is trying to secure the transportation of a wounded serviceman to a hospital in Austria, and is involved in supporting the troops through the provision of pain killers, blood stoppers, medical kits, and other equipment. Despite the occasional problems of getting the necessary certifications for the importation of goods, the International Association for Support and Development of Ukraine is due to receive a special permit from Ukraine’s Ministry of Public Health.

Kurichko praised the efforts of Durbak-Chuyko and International Association for Support and Development of Ukraine, and stated that she has done more for Ukrainian servicemen than any bureaucrat in the government. Through her efforts, “people who come for assistance get assistance,” he said. He continued that a medical hospital for border guards will receive ten new beds on August 22 because of the efforts of the group.

Durbak-Chuyko said that Ukrainians should be proud of their country and the international volunteers who support Ukraine. Her organization has received 20 tons of assistance from German volunteers alone. In addition, the organization has coordinated the treatment of 71 Ukrainian servicemen in European hospitals. “The goal is to make sure that our warriors aren’t disappointed in us,” Durbak-Chuyko stated at the end.