Ukrainian media digest 22 August 2014

Police officers have found explosives during searches at the jewelry enterprise in Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) which is allegedly belongs to the former General Prosecutor’s son Artem Pshonka, spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak wrote in his Facebook. Interior ministry members have found four TNT blocks, metal cans with self-made explosive bombs with holes for detonators, battery to produce explosive bombs and terrorists’ Novorossiya newspaper circulation.

SBU has confiscated newspaper circulation of the freshly printed “Working class” newspaper with terrorist and extremist contents, SBU press service reports, UNIAN quotes as saying. They withdrew more than 2 thousand examples of freshly printed “Working class” newspaper from a conveying machine. The agitation edition contains open calls for war, changes of territorial integrity and forcible seizure of power in Ukraine.

Terrorists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic say they won’t accept a humanitarian aid from Kyiv. “The people of Donetsk People’s Republic despite the increase of humanitarian catastrophe won’t accept the so-called humanitarian aid from hands of fascists punisher who come to us from Ukraine’s territory even if that help will be disguised as a Red Cross mission help,” terrorists declare.

New appointments could be made in Ivano-Frankovsk regional administration the next week. Mikhail Dovbenko could be appointed new head of regional state administration. The current governor Andrey Trotsenko has said many times he does not cling to his post and if authorities decide to change him, we will agree. Mikhail Dovbenko was the leader of Poroshenko’s main office in Ivano-Frankovsk region and his authorized representative in regional election commission №84 during the presidential election.

In the famous struggle between oligarchs Sergey Levochkin and Igor Kolomoysky the famous journalist of Ukrainskaya Pravda Internet-agency Sergey Leshchenko supports Sergey Levochkin. He has recently published an article “Ukraine’s oligarchs are still calling the shots” for American Foreign Policy edition where he spent most of the time explaining the war between Kolomoysky and Firtash but saying nothing about Levochkin.

It is supposed Mikhail Dovbenko, who was the head of Petro Poroshenko’s election campaign headquarters in Ivano-Frankovsk region, will be appointed the head of the regional administration.

The head of Donetsk regional state administration Sergey Taruta says a joint program should be developed to return the region to peaceful live. The state, businessmen and sponsors should take part in its development.

The head of Poltava regional council Petr Vorona denied having problems with his health which are incompatible with his position. He says this information has been widely spread before the upcoming elections. Petr Vorona has filed a police report about this case.

Deputy head of Zaporozhzhya regional state administration Petr Gonchruk hold a meeting on the questions of supplying boiling rooms with the coal of high quality to serve social and public sector of the region.

The meeting of the city crisis center concerning forcibly displaced persons was held under the chairmanship of Zaporozhzhya city mayor Aleksandr Sin. According to the department of social security information regional center of Zaporozhzhya has registered nearly 5000 people, who fled Donetsk and Luhansk regions as of 21 August. Nearly 14 thousand refugees are currently live in the region.

Lviv city mayor Andrey Sadovoy calls for the Verkhovna Rada to adopt new law on elections. He thinks new elections should be held with open lists.

MP Aleksandr Gudyma told a correspondent that talks about privatization of Donetsk’s miners could become possible after ATO finishes.