Kyiv, August 31, 2014. According to Ukrainian intelligence reports, the school #1 and other schools in the controlled by the militants city of Horlivka, Donetsk region, will become targets of a series of terrorist acts on September 1 [first day of school – Ed.] with multiple victims among children and parents. This was stated by the spokesman of the Information and Analytical Center of NSDC of Ukraine Colonel Andrey Lysenko during a press briefing at Ukrainian Crisis Media Center. He also noted that there was evidence that the Investigative Committee of Russian Federation plans to informally send their experts to assist DNR in order to discredit Ukraine’s leadership and the Armed Forces.

During the press briefing Lysenko presented the recording of intercepted conversation between one of the LNR terrorist leaders and his associate in Moscow, which implies that the activities of the LNR and LNR is guided and directed by the Russian security services, which, in turn, are trying hard to thwart the EU efforts to recognize LNR and DNR as terrorist organizations.

The NSDC representative reported that today Ukrainian Air Force performed missile strikes on the positions of the terrorists near the city of Molodohvardiysk and the village of Samsonivka (Krasnodon district, Luhansk region). In response, the militants fired four SAM missiles “Pantsir” [NATO classification SA Greyhound – Ed.], located in the area near Sukhodolsk, but Ukrainian aircrafts avoided the attack and successfully returned to base.

Reportedly, there is an ongoing fight in the vicinity of settlements of Shishkove, Stanychno-Luhanske, Illiria, Bryanka and Krasny Luch. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior special unit “Storm” (Odessa) successfully broke out of encirclement near the village of Heorhiivka next to Luhansk, bringing 62 units of military equipment, including trophy BMD, and more than 50 vehicles with civilians from Heorhiivka and Lutugino, reported Colonel Lysenko.

Commenting on the situation in the city of Mariupol and surrounding areas, the NSDC spokesperson noted of the high patriotic spirit of its inhabitants and said that the strengthening of checkpoints on the city border continues. Meanwhile, it’s been reported that in a nearby city of Novoazovsk, that is occupied by the Russian army, the number of troops is constantly increasing. They wear unmarked uniform and armed with the latest military equipment.

Colonel Lysenko reminded that the State Emergency Service of Ukraine launched seven transit points for internally displaced persons which could assist between 70 and 400 persons each. In Donetsk region they are located in Krasnoarmiysk, Volnovakha and Mariupol, in Luhansk region – near Svatove, Lisichansk and Shchastia, in Dnipropetrovsk region – near the village of Orly, Pokrovsky district. Since the beginning of ATO 20,337 people including about 3,000 children have passed through these transit points.