NSDC: Not less than 4 battalion-tactical groups of the Russian armed forces operate on the territory of Ukraine


Kyiv, September 1, 2014 – Russia keeps escalating the situation in the conflict zone. Russian military shell checkpoints of ATO forces. “According to the field information not less than 4 battalion-tactical groups of the Russian armed forces operate on the territory of Ukraine: in the Novosvitlivka-Novohannivka-Krasne, Starobesheve-Novokaterynivka, Kumacheve-Pobeda and Sherbak-Markyne areas. Battalion-tactical group numbers around 400 servicemen reinforced with artillery and air-defence systems”, reported Colonel Andriy Lysenko, spokesperson of Information and Analytical Center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Within the last 24 hours ATO forces exchanged fire with Russian mercenaries and terrorists 37 times in 24 settlements of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Situation near Ilovaysk remains extremely complicated. Operation is underway to bring the units of Ukrainian servicemen out of encirclement. Details of the operation are not made public prior to its termination.

When the operation is over figures on losses of our military will be made public as well as circumstances that caused the situation will be checked. Everyone to have made mistakes that led to drastic consequences or committed a crime will be held liable.

Today the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made a statement according to which last week’s events in the ATO zone are being subject to detailed analysis. Head of the State underlined: “Serious conclusions are about to come, including those pertinent to human resources.” The President stated that direct unmasked aggression has been started against Ukraine from the side of the neighboring state that completely changes the situation in the combat zone as well as puts new more complicated challenges to Ukrainian law enforcement.

ATO forces secure Mariupol defense at the line Starolaspa – Rozdolne – Komsomolske. Mobile units of territorial defense battalions have set up checkpoints at potentially most dangerous directions of the enemy’s possible movement.

In the Luhansk direction following the order received Ukrainian military stepped back from the territory of “Luhansk” airport and Georgievka village located on the highway Luhansk – Krasny Luch – Snizhne. Taking into account the fact that strikes are precise, shelling is conducted by professional artillerists of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Moreover large concentration of the Russian forces is spotted near Lutugyne district center and in the outskirts of Shchastya on the Northern bank of Siversky Donets.

Ukrainian Armed Forces have managed to repel attack of the subversive-recon group close to the checkpoint near the bridge over Siversky Donets river in the direction of Izyum-Artemivsk highway.

Russian military continue shelling ATO positions. Yesterday Ukrainian military positions near Vesela Hora village (Slovjanoserbsky district of Luhansk region) were shelled from the territory of the Russian Federation. 4 servicemen got injured. Terrorists shelled territories near Shchastya and Petrivka of Stanychno-Luhansky district, there are civilian casualties.

Yesterday at 12.40 and 13.10 border guards spotted launch of 4 missiles in Krasna Talivka area of Luhansk region. Shelling was conducted from the territory of Nyzhnemityakyne of Rostove region.

Yesterday at 15.10 “Gryf” and “Kalkan” motor boats of Mariupol maritime border guard unit came under fire from guided missile launch systems stationed near Bezymenne settlement. The motor boats were 3 miles away from the coast. “Gryf” motor boat was set on fire, afterwards it sunk. Rescue boats of the maritime border guard unit came to save the crew, 8 marines were saved, 7 of them were injured and had burn injuries. Rescue works for 2 more border guards continue.

In “Chervony Chaban” border area of Kherson region Russian drone was spotted, entered the airspace from the territory of temporary occupied Crimea.

Terrorists tortured to death Amvrosiivka military recruitment officer Volodymyr Moskovka during demonstrative torture in Snizhne, Donetsk region. “The man was returning back home by car with his son and friend. In the outskirts of Amvrosiivka the car was stopped by Russian servicemen, all three got detained and sent to a field camp near Snizhne. Later detained were passed to the terrorists. Terrorists held demonstrative physical torture of Ukrainian military. Volodymyr Moskovka did not survive the torture and died from a heart attack. Criminal case has been started over the crime committed. All similar cases of military crimes are registered, guilty will be held responsible”, reported Colonel Lysenko.

In Makiivka terrorists shelled the territory adjacent to Zakhidne village, residential buildings and juvenile penal institution got damaged.

Leaders of the European Union as a result of special meeting of European Council on August 30 acknowledged the fact of aggression on the side of the Russian Federation and called upon Moscow for  immediate withdrawal of their troops from Ukrainian territory. EU leaders took up Ukrainian President’s arguments in favour of increasing pressure on Russia.

Vice-president of European Parliament Alexander Count Lambsdorf considers intensification of sanctions to be proper response of the European Union to the actions of Russia in Ukraine. He called for ceasing to trust the Russian president. He considers actions of Ukraine in Donbas to be “absolutely incontestable”. “Providing for integrity of its own territories is every sovereign country’s right. Ukrainian army here is acting within the limits of what normal armed forces do when their territory is being trespassed“.

Head of USA Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez declared that the West is to do two things for Ukraine: to provide Ukraine with defensive armament and immediately introduce sectoral sanctions against Russia in order to contain its aggression.

Even today Australian government extended sanctions against Russia in defence and financial spheres.

Representative of USA Department of State Daniel Freed emphasized that   consultations on sanctions against Russia are being conducted with China, South Korea and Singapore. Simultaneously, official Brussels is trying to influence the countries of Latin America so that they, if unable to support anti-Russian restrictions, might at least refrain from hindering in their implementation (in agricultural sphere in particular).

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite who considers the situation in the East of Ukraine to be the war of Russia against Europe, expressed the readiness of Lithuania to provide Ukraine with military support and increase sanctions against the Russian Federation. She also called upon other stated to make similar steps. The President of Romania Traian Băsescu expressed identical attitude on his side.