Ukrainian World Congress: Ukrainian Diaspora Aiding Ukraine


Kyiv, September 2, 2014. The Ukrainian World Congress, the Ukrainian diaspora organization is playing an important role in supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression and misinformation. This was stated at Ukraine Crisis Media Center by Eugene Czolij, the President of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC). Over 20 million Ukrainians and people of Ukrainian descent live abroad, and UWC plays an important role in connecting them to Ukraine. The organization has also long supported the development of democratic institutions and representative governance by, sending election observers to every parliamentary and presidential election since independence in Ukraine, and is presently involved in assisting Ukraine against foreign aggression. .

Currently, the Ukrainian World Congress is working together with the Ukrainian government to promote communication between Ukraine and the diaspora to counter misinformation about Ukraine. “We will sign a memorandum on cooperation with the Cabinet of Ministers,” said Czolij. The organization also hopes to assist in the promotion of communication between the diaspora’s home governments and the government of Ukraine. The diaspora will also support the development of Ukrainian diaspora civil society organizations, and promote cooperation in the fields of youth, sport, culture, and combating human trafficking. UWC has decided to hold their annual summit in Ukraine this year, in order to support Ukraine in its process of reform and opposition to Russia’s aggression.

UWC is taking part in spreading accurate information about the situation in Ukraine globally, countering Kremlin talking points, stated Czolij. The organization has used its extensive connections on the ground in Ukraine, and meetings with representatives of Ukrainian civil society organizations, to gather up-to-date information on new developments. “We collect information not just on paper, but we have close cooperation with the people in Ukraine,” Czolij said. The Ukrainian World Congress will continue to mobilize Ukrainians abroad to support Ukraine and disseminate accurate information, he emphasized.