Ukrainian media digest 2th September 2014

Vasiliy Sinchuk has been appointed new Crimean prosecutor, Ukraine’s general prosecutor office informs. For 3 days Sinchuk has worked as a prosecutor in Poltava region. Before Russia annexed Crimea, Vyacheslav Pavlov had been region’s prosecutor, but he refused to work with new authorities. Natalya Poklonskaya was appointed interim Crimean prosecutor by Russian authorities.

Terrorists claim they are seeking a special status for their DPR and LPR within Ukraine, with such a proposition they leave for talks in Minsk, TSN reports. Meanwhile, Russian authorities continue supporting political way out of the conflict and has denied its involvement.

Terrorists have seized a school in Horlivka, Donetsk region, to enable Russian TV to demonstrate “a happy start of a new academic year.” They have captured the school #4 in the city’s center. Pushkinskaya and Komsomolskaya streets were blocked by automobiles. Up to 20 armed militants were in the building, who brought frightened first grade pupils along with lots of Russian TV groups and forced pupils to imitate September 1 as a happy start of a new academic year. According to eyewitnesses, there weren’t many children at school and everything was nothing as an imitation for Russian viewers.

The Verkhovna Rada has refused to allow the Central Electoral Commission change the boundaries and centres of single-seat constituencies in Donetsk Region and Luhansk Region and also in other regions in extraordinary circumstances as advised by chairpersons of relevant Region State Administrations at parliamentary elections.

In Vinnytsya region authorities are preparing for parliamentary election, by throwing mud at each other.

Interim head of Lviv regional state administration Yuriy Turyansky announced staff changes.

The head of Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration Andrey Trotsenko is in a hospital, his life is out of danger.

The Cabinet of Ministers will approve measures how to give financial aid to those people who have left places of their residence in Crimea and Donbass.

The United Nations: The number of people who have fled their homes in Donbass rose to 260 thousand. It admits this figure could be bigger, as many refugees move to their relatives and friend and do not register at the new place of residence.