Dmytro Shymkiv: Draft law “On anti-corruption bureau” has been passed to the Parliament


Kyiv, 2 September 2014 – Working group that developed the draft law “On anti-corruption bureau” under the President of Ukraine has passed it for consideration to the Parliament (Verkhovna Rada). Informed Dmytro Shymkiv, Deputy Head of Ukraine’s Presidential Administration at a briefing in the UkraineCrisisMediaCenter. “Last week much work was done in regard to this draft law. We received this bill from the Cabinet of Ministers, fine-tuned it, it is now being considered by the Verkhovna Rada. Despite discussions and speculations we tried to produce a draft law with a content that will reflect society’s expectations,” commented Dmytro Shymkiv.

This week’s other reformatory directions include healthcare system reforms, under such framework respective Advisory Board presented development strategy for the sector.

Dmytro Shymkiv also informed on tomorrow’s session of the Cabinet of Ministers, Deputy Head of Presidential Administration said he hopes the government will adopt the order as to the conversion of radio frequencies in order to implement 3G technology in Ukraine. Presidential Administration has submitted its recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the tender procedure. “Priority is to get maximum revenue for the state and keep maximum competition on the market of services for the population,” says Dmytro Shymkiv.

At a briefing Deputy Head of Presidential Administration also commented on the situation as to introduction of the e-procurement system. “At the current stage we are considering an opportunity to offer to the state agencies to try and hold e-procurement below UAH 100 thousand on private platforms. In general there are discussions as to how state procurement should be operated: through one organization that would be responsible for all state bidding or such a chance should be provided to many e-platforms.” According to Mr. Shymkiv large project group that involves experts, developers, state and public sector representatives is working on the issue and beyond.

Commenting on the question on human resources renewal at the Presidential Administration Dmytro Shymkiv informed that “on 1 November the Presidential Administration is expected to be absolutely new.” According to the staff list 539 positions in Presidential Administration were foreseen, only 423 are now left. “All staff members were informed in advance on possible staff cuts. Discharging around 400 people is not yet decided. All heads of departments of the Presidential Administration are now being interviewed by the Head of Administration Borys Lozhkyn,” added Mr. Shymkiv.