Consolidated data of information-analytical center of NSDC of Ukraine as of 17:00, September 3, 2014

Regarding information in ATO area within the last 24 hours

The situation in ATO area remained strained, on the southeast of Donetsk region. Russian attack was suspended. ATO forces regrouped, secured new positions and moved on to active defence.

Yesterday, combat activities were of pinpoint character. The enemy suffered considerable losses in human resources and transportation vehicles during the defence of Luhansk airport. Ukrainian troops destroyed seven APCs, a two tanks and about one hundred Russian military men and terrorists.

As a result of an air-to-ground attack on militant’s base near Snizhne over 100 Russian mercenaries were killed as well.

Russian forces concentrated their human resources and weaponry in regional centers and they tend to overtake Donetsk airport. Units of Russian Armed Forces were concentrated in border areas and in the territory of occupied Crimea.

Generally, within 24 hours ATO forces made fought terrorists in Verkhnyotoretske, Luhanske, Maryinka, Shyrokyne area in Donetsk region, as well as near Krasnyi Yar, Komunarska, Makarove, Verhunskyi Rozyizd, Vesela Hora, Stanytsya Luhanska, Utkino, Pobyeda in Luhansk region.

Border guards detected the growing activity of Russian armed forces in the area of «Krasna Talivka» (in Luhansk region). Military vehicles hold positions in close vicinity to the border, including 5 units of self-propelled artilleries.

Russian forces maintained reconnaissance with the help of UAVs. Yesterday around 20:30 pm near the border crossing checkpoint «Chaplynka» in Kherson region an UAV was spotted detected at the 2 km height from occupied Crimea towards Makarivka in Kherson region.

Situation in populated localities of the conflict zone

Yesterday according to the suggestion of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Verkhovna Rada adopted a law «On making amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding some cases of charity tax». In particular, there will be no tax on charity donations for combatants onwards.

Current situation in Mariupol and adjacent areas remains tense. Terrorists continue to distribute panic messages among local inhabitants through Russian media. In particular, they are spreading untrustworthy information on Russians and their mercenaries’ attacks from Volnovakha towards Mariupol, which does not correspond with the reality.

Russians started robbing mines in ATO area in Eastern Ukraine and transport coal to Russia by motor convoys. In particular, militants stole about 15 thousand tons of coal from “Antratsyt” and “Chervonyi Partyzan” mines as well as neighbouring mines.

Despite the presence of many non-combatants in the populated areas, Russian troops and militants continue attacking residential quarters in cities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. For instance, yesterday terrorists shelled Popasna town in Luhansk region. Inhabitants were made to flee the town. Also the equipment at the carriage-repair plant was damaged as a result of the shelling.

Russian mercenaries continue damaging the Ukrainian economy. As a result of the shelling terrorists damaged low-pressure gas pipeline in Hlynyane settlement in Luhansk region. Today 23 populated localities were partially cut off gas supply and 59 populated localities were cut off completely. According to the data collected, Russian mercenaries started actions, which may result in operating trouble of gas-transporting system in temporarily occupied territories. It may endanger the gas supply to Europe.

Yesterday European Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger warned about the possibility of the worst-case scenario for EU energy security being implemented by the president of the Russian Federation V. Putin.

Covert Russian raiding units continue their activity in the liberated territories of Ukraine. For instance, yesterday in Slovyansk soldiers of “Kyiv-1” battalion found a hideout with ammunition in the basement of one of the unfinished buildings in the center of the town. A box with 5 antitank missiles was found. Moreover, intruders installed a wire near the ammunition, thus mining the weapons.

Russian mercenaries moved from looting and pillage to the attempts to confiscate immovable property from non-combatants. In particular, terrorists have been spreading information around the town that on September 11 nationalization of immovable property belonging citizens who moved outside Luhansk region was going to start. Special-purpose groups will determine abandoned apartments and houses through personal rounds. Such actions are an evidence of illegal armed formations’ attempts to return as many citizens to Luhansk as possible in order to make them enter terrorist organization “Luhansk People’s Republic”, do forced public service and create the appearance of “peaceful life” in the regional center in order to provide Russian media involved with proper propaganda image. Please be warned of this provocation and reminded to address the Ministry of Internal Affairs on this matter over the numbers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs call-center:  (044) 254-91-02 and 0-800-50-02-02.

Within 24 hours pyrotechnical units of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations found and removed 213 units of ammunition and explosives. 8 ha of territories were examined.

International support

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel announced of the intention to organize medical equipment, mobile hospitals and bullet-proof vests for servicemen participating in ATO supply to Ukraine.

We remind that 20 servicemen got wounded during the combat mission of anti-terrorist operation – patients of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk military hospitals – are in a medical setting in Germany.

President of France Francois Olland mentioned the possibility of termination or reconsideration of the contract with Russia on “Mistral” ships for €1.6 billion in connection with escalation of the situation in Ukraine. Please be reminded that yesterday NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmunssen stated that the French government will take into consideration the security situation and their NATO partners’ concern with the fact of the government of France supplying Russia with universal amphibious assault helicopter carrier type “Mistral”.

Acting president of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy pointed out that Russian Federation lacks political will to regulate the conflict in Ukraine through negotiations. In his turn, newly elected president of the European Council Donald Tusk named conflict settlement in Eastern Ukraine to be his primary task.

Prime-minister of Finland, Alexander Stubb, in his speech at the Parliament of Finland mentioned that Russia violated principles of international justice and territorial integrity of Ukraine through annexation of Crimea, thus destabilizing situation in the country.

In Western Ukraine in Yavoriv training area, Lviv region, joint exercise of Armed Forces of Ukraine with the USA and their allies «Rapid Trident-2014» will take place. It was the statement representative European commandment of the USA Army, Gregory Heeks, made. 200 American soldiers are expected to take part in the exercise. Besides, over 1000 military servicemen from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania and Spain will be employed at «Rapid Trident».

Yesterday 6 ton of humanitarian aid for Ukrainian servicemen participating in combat activities in Eastern Ukraine arrived to Kyiv from Lithuania. The first batch includes dry units, special medical equipment, i.e. splint kits, medicine, medical instruments, laryngoscopes and dressing material.

As regards the death of Andriy Stenin, a photo correspondent of international information agency “Russia Today”. We inform that he entered Ukrainian territory through “Boryspil” airport on May 14 2014 and was not accredited in ATO area. Criminal proceedings have been initiated on the fact of a Russian citizen disappearance.