Kyiv City Council Will Address ATO-related Issues


Kyiv, September 3, 2014. The Kyiv City Council promises to address urgent local matters related to the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) at a Council meeting tomorrow, September 4. This was stated at Ukraine Crisis Media Center by Kyiv City Council Secretary Olexiy Reznikov. He also said that the Kyiv City Council’s first concerns at the moment are those issues related to the ATO in the east. Providing support for local residents who are fighting in the east is particularly important. Additionally, support for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Kyiv, who have fled the conflict zone, is at the top of the Council’s agenda tomorrow, announced the official.

“Approximately 3000 residents of Kyiv have been mobilized,” stated Reznikov. Many more are members of the National Guard, the so-called volunteer battalions, which are under the oversight of the Ministry of the Interior. A total of 25000 residents of Kyiv are estimated to be involved in ATO operations. The Kyiv city government will consider several issues, including the financial, material, and medical assistance of these residents and their families. In addition, Reznikov said, there are about 12000 IDPs in the city who need support. The City Council will work to ensure that children are able to attend local schools, and that adults are given the assistance necessary to find work. The City Council asks citizens relocated to Kyiv from the conflict zone to contact city representatives when problems arise, such as if they need assistance with temporary registration in the city.

Furthermore, the Council will address other issues facing Kyiv residents. Reznikov assured locals that energy shortages will not affect hospitals, schools, and universities. “There will be heat, electricity, and water in the schools,” Reznikov stated.  The city government is also moving forward with plans for land auctions in the city. The auction of land plots will support the city budget, and have the added benefit of reducing corruption. The Council also plans to address other issues at the meeting tomorrow, including enhancing city security, raising the cost of public transportation, a temporary ban on fireworks, and preventing the sale of drugs and alcohol near schools.