Putin’s Cynical Propaganda in Swiss Media


As an ex KGB agent Putin knows quite well that to be credible any piece of information needs to be confirmed in at least two unconnected sources. So what does he do when the world stops believing the Kremlin’s blatant lies about Ukraine? That’s right, he spreads them through “unconnected” Western media outlets.

On March 1, 2014 a Swiss-based internet TV provider Klagemauer.TV  aired a special video report on Ukraine titled “Terrorist actions of peaceful protesters”. The principal message of the 13-minute video: “During Euromaidan protests in Kiev [sic Kyiv] peaceful policemen were regularly brutally beaten and shot at by extremist armed radicals”. The heroic police, in other words, was the innocent victim of the ruthless terrorists.

To anyone with at least a superficial knowledge of the real facts this report is nothing but a primitive, blatant and immoral lie. It is a cynical manipulation of facts, carbon-copied from the Russian propaganda. It is beyond criticism. It is below ethics and morality.

Hundreds of eyewitnesses’ videos, openly available on YouTube, aptly demonstrate the inhumane attacks of those “peaceful” policemen on protesters in Kyiv. None of these blood-chilling footages can be seen in Klagemauer’s report.

Yet propaganda, no matter how brutal, always has a way of finding its viewer. The German version of Klagemauer’s video has already been viewed on YouTube by over 214,000 viewers; its Russian dubbed version – by over 713,000.

Putin is happy: the seed of suspicion successfully planted in the European minds; his credibility firmly corroborated in the Russian ones (“See, I’m not making things up – European media also saw terrorists in Ukraine!”).

The Kremlin, thanks to its unscrupulous Western media allies, claims another victory in its all-out information war on Ukraine.