Ukrainian media digest 4 September 2014

Sumy regional state administration is building a defense ditch on the border with Russia, the representative of the regional administration Vladimir Shulga said on Wednesday, Ukrainian Pravda reports. “Sumy region is the first to build a defense ditch. Nearly 60 kilometers of the ditch of 4 meters wide and 2 meters deep have been excavated. Shulga pointed out in such a way machines are blocked to get safely in the region.”

The representatives of illegally armed organizations have announced about property nationalization of those who left the ATO region. NSDC spokesperson Andrey Lysenko informed terrorists’ leaders have announced about “property nationalization of those citizens who left Luhansk region”. Abandoned houses will be found by making a detour.

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to cut down its workers, TSN reports by quoting minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Ostap Semerak Кабмин принял решение сократить. “By reducing 20% of central executive power agencies, we will automatically reduce 51% of functions which were under control of central executive powers. Meanwhile, some agencies are being created, as the state agency for restoration of Donbass,” government’s press service quotes Semerak as saying. Minister specifies that different power agencies have been doing nearly 1 thousand control functions, that’s why the Cabinet of Ministers has decided to reduce them by 34%.

The representative of DPR has been appointed a new head of Novoazovsk district administration, the representative of Novoazovsk administration Oleg Sidorenko reports. He said he needed to take a vacation. DPR’s representatives handed over his cabinet and his post to another man. Sidorenko doesn’t know the name of his successor. A new academic year hasn’t started in Novoazovsk. It has been estimated pupils have to go to schools starting from September 10, but even this date is now under the question.

There are rumors that after the governor of Ivano-Frankivsk Andrey Trotsenko leave the hospital, his position will be taken by Oleg Goncharuk, who is a deputy in Ivano-Frankivsk city council.

Crimean authorities are thinking of nationalizing Crimean property of Donetsk administration head Sergey Taruta.

The head of Donetsk regional state administration Sergey Taruta says region’s authorities control over 70 percent of the region’s territory.

The head of Donetsk regional state administration Sergey Taruta says it is necessary to impose a martial law and cancel parliamentary elections.

Refugees from the ATO region, where active military operations are in an active phase, will be settled in hospitals, schools and rest homes in Luhansk region, the press service of Luhansk regional state administration informs.

The so-called prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Aleksandr Zakharchenko said DPR is ready to cease the fire if other Ukrainian armed formations will do the same.

Zaporizhzhya state television company has been working without its general director since September 3. The contract with Aleksandr Kovalenko hasn’t been extended.

Militants of Donbass terrorists organizations start preparing for creating special camps for men, who have left the ATO region as refugees.

Luhansk has come under control of militants on the night of September 4. Ukrainian army has left the city.

At the regular session of Dnipropetrovsk city council military commissar of Leninsk region asked city mayor Ivan Kulichenko to visit military enlistment office. At the session one of the Right Sector leader Andrey Denisenko made a proposal that 13 members out of 15 of the mayor’s office will be the community’s representatives. City mayor promised to consider this question during the next session.

Donetsk governor Sergey Taruta has accused ministers from Svododa party in corruption.