Consolidated data of information-analytical center of NSDC of Ukraine as of 17:00, September 4, 2014


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko started his participation in the NATO Summit in Southern Wales with a meeting unique by its format with the Great Britain Prime Minister David Cameron, US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and French President Francois Hollande.

“Unique meeting format demonstrates support of NATO member states to Ukraine’s territorial integrity in the face of external aggression,” said Head of Ukrainian State at the beginning of the meeting.

President of Ukraine underlined that the 5+1 meeting format is happening for the first time in the history of our country – leaders of world’s 5 biggest countries – US President, UK Prime Minister, German Chancellor, Italy Prime Minister and President of France demonstrated decisive support to Ukraine.

“There is an understanding that by supporting Ukraine, peace, stability and de-escalation of the situation in the East they support stability of Europe and of the whole world. It is not only about Ukrainian conflict but a global issue,” stressed the Head of the State.

According to Petro Poroshenko the leaders exchanged opinions on several points. Support to Ukraine in security sector was discussed. “Today in the resolution of the NATO Summit there would be a firm statement that Ukraine will get NATO support,” claimed the President. He also informed that essential decisions as to Ukraine involvement in the special programme under which 4 trust funds will be established to assist in resolving logistical, communication issues, eliminate cyber crime and ensure social rehabilitation of injured.

According to Petro Poroshenko participants of the meeting paid special attention to the military-technical cooperation. The declaration will have it stated that NATO supports decisive action of its member states to provide military-technical support to Ukraine. “It is what we were waiting for,” summed up the Head of the State.

He also noted that coordination of further actions will be discussed today including imposing of sanctions.

Military action in the conflict zone

Activities of militants and Russian armed forces in the ATO zone are not decreasing.

At the same time the number of times Ukraine territory got shelled from Russia increased considerably. Ukrainian positions near Vesela Hora, Valuyske, Dmytrivka, Pobeda were shelled with “Smerch” multiple rocket launchers (MRL). These population centers are located North, North-East of Luhansk. Other Ukrainian positions were shelled with Grad MRLs and mortars, in particular near Plotyna, Krasna Talivka and Debaltseve.

Two hours ago near Bezymenne Russian artillery opened fire at Ukrainian Armed Forces positions. Firing positions of Russian artillery were set up at “Utyos” recreation territory. According to the recon data in the vicinity of the above firing positions Russian TV crews located their teams. They aimed at shooting another provocative footage. Afterwards Russian troops started tank assault towards Shyrokyne. ATO forces repelled the attack.

Several Grad MRLs, mortars of militants were spotted near Hanzhenkove, Donetsk region. Shelling in the Northern direction where residential areas of Makiivka are located is getting prepared. 3 Grad MRLs and one more mortar battery entered Yasynuvata. According to the operational information terrorists plan to shell Donetsk presenting it as shelling by the Ukrainian military.

Mobile groups of ATO forces near Kominternovo Donetsk region destroyed an anti-aircraft mount of terrorists and Ural truck. The vehicles and machinery were marked with white circles as those belonging to the occupant troops of the Russian Armed Forces.

In Luhansk region Ukrainian military spotted set up of a modern Russian radar locator of the mobile anti-aircraft complex.

British TV Channel Sky News filmed units of Russian troops that support terrorists near Novoazovsk in Eastern Ukraine.

The video shows servicemen and machinery without number plates. White stripes are visible on the lead convoy as well as white shoulder sleeve insignia used by the Russian forces to mark their troops. The military are wearing modern Russian uniforms.

Russian forces are actively moving machinery and manpower close to the border with Ukraine. In general 14 battalion-tactical groups and paratroopers of the Russian Federation Armed Forces are located in the border zone.

Around 1 thousand units of military machinery are spotted in Kamensk-Shakhtynsky (Rostov region of the Russian Federation) and Rovenky (Belgorod region of the Russian federation) bordering on Novopskovsky district of Luhansk region. Moreover a convoy of not less than 120 armoured vehicles was spotted on the move from the Russian Federation side directed to Krasnodon.

Situation in the population centers of the conflict zone

Mariupol is currently fully defended and secured by Ukrainian army. The situation in the city is fully controlled.

In Donetsk in maternity department of the 17th hospital all pregnant women were moved to the basement militants of the so-called “DPR” occupied their places instead.

At the same time peaceful life continues being re-established on liberated territories. As of today in Dzerzhynk Donetsk region disbursement of the state aid has been done to families with kids, low income, disabled and disabled children. The aid has also been paid in toto in Voroshylovsky district of Donetsk. In Luhansk region the aid in question has been paid to recipients in 14 districts and cities.

As a result of combat actions in Donetsk and Luhansk regions 962 km of roadways of general use (251 km in Donetsk region and 712 km in Luhansk region) were damaged. Moreover 21 bridges and over-bridges over 2141 m long were damaged as well.

On liberated territories in Donetsk region in order to provide uninterrupted movement of transport along the highways of general use ferries and access routes to them were organized.

On M-03 Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky highway and on highways of local importance in Krasnolymanske and Sloviansk districts dismantling of checkpoints, cleaning of the traffic area and road sides from remains of machinery and ammunition, ground particles and other waste goes on. Change of the damaged road signs, metal barriers, partial reconstruction of the road pits continues.

Total number of damaged railway infrastructure objects numbers to 400. Priority is to rebuild infrastructure objects to ensure moving of passengers as well as transportation and loading of coal.

Ukrainian railways conduct renovation works according to the Action plan on renovation of Donetsk railways objects. Renovated are the scientific and technical house of the railroad depot “Krasny Liman”, railway station of “Krasny Liman”, “Sloviansk”, hospital of “Sloviansk” railway station, orphanage school no.1 of “Sloviansk” railway station.

As of today around 40 objects of postal communications in Luhansk and Donetsk regions worth of UAH 7,7 mln in total are damaged. 8 objects of the postal communications have been renovated so far in Sloviansk Donetsk region.

International support of Ukraine

In the article US President Barack Obama and Great Britain Prime Minister David Cameron wrote in co-authorship for British newspaper “The Times” it was said that Russia has violated code of conduct by illegal self-proclaimed annexation of Crimea and by presence of its troops on Ukrainian land that threatens state sovereignty.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen when commenting on the so-called “Putin’s plan” stated that in his opinion Russian side is not sincerely interested in the ceasefire. “They keep destabilizing Eastern Ukraine,” said NATO Secretary General and added that the words need to be proved by actions.

Ambassador of Ukraine to NATO Ihor Dolhov prior to the NATO summit in Wales said that the Alliance is on Ukraine’s side and is consistent with strict condemnation of the aggressor. Active discussions are on in NATO as to what can stop Russia.