Ukrainian media digest 5 September 2014

Police officers brought the mayor of Poltava city Aleksandr Mamai in a court by force. He had been at the meeting with on-stage performance groups in the Puppet theater when police arrested him. Later, the police brought him to the court, where hearing of the administrative case about mayor’s corrupt practices are about to take place.

Thousands of residents of Mariupol (Donetsk region) gathered on September 4 on the central square to stand for territorial integrity. At the meeting 20 volunteers, who had been training for the past few days in Azov battalion, swore their allegiance to Ukraine. They will be fighting in a new Mariupol battalion.

Former governor of Poltava region Mykhailo Vyshyvaniuk has dismissed the information he will be running for parliamentary seat from the Radical Party.

Ihor Kolomoyskyi’s circle gave its reaction on Crimea’s plan to nationalize oligarch’s property on the peninsula. Deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Hennady Korban warned Sergey Aksenov if plan on nationalization are to be realized, he will face Hague tribunal as a minimum

The part of nationalized property of oligarch Igor Kolomoyksyi could be returned to legal holders, if they prove their ownership, the so-called head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov announced.

Vinnytsya regional council’s press service has published a statement where it says all the negative information about council’s authorities including the head of regional council Sergey Svitko is a part of a smear campaign.

In Luhansk region Russian troops deployed a modern position-radar air defense complex, NSDC speaker Andrey Lysenko informs.

Poltava regional center expects the number of refugees from Donbass to grow. The head of the center Vitaliy Bugayec nearly 10 thousand of refugees from the combat areas are settled on the region’s territory.

Mayor of Energodar city Igor Naumychev, who was temporarily deprived from his duties, appealed to the court to abandon the decision. The session had been postponed from September 3rd to September 18th. Igor Naumychev gave a status report to region’s governor Valery Baranov about the situation, the latter sent a commission to Energodar to sort out the situation on site.

Zaporizhzhya city mayor Aleksandr Sin underlines, 7411 peoples from Donetsk and Luhansk regions have been registered by regional committee. 681 refugees were settled.

Refugees were forced to leave a hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk to be resettle in Burshtyn, they refused to leave the hotel.

Luhansk city mayor Sergey Kravchenko proposed to create centers for refugees in big cities.

The convoy with 120 armored vehicles are approaching to Krasnodon, Luhansk region, NSDC speaker Andrey Lysenko informs.

MP Aleksandr Brygynets thinks Schstya city is the key city and if Russians really want to seize Luhansk they need seize Schastya.

Militants have been launching Grad missiles at Schasty city, Luhansk region, during the whole day.

First vice prime minister Vladimir Groysman says Ukrainian authorities have given 251 thousand refugees temporary homes. He also underlines refugees need to be resettled to placed where they could live in winter. Groysman adds, the government is planning to repay expenses if refugees pay for accommodations.

Representatives from Kyiv, LPR and DPR signed 12-point peace roadmap starting from 5 p.m. Kyiv time.

SBU has detained leaders of Communist party in Dniprodzerzhynsk, Dnipropetrovsk region for stirring separatism.

People’s deputies from Batkivshchyna and Svoboda fractions initiate to impose a martial law in the east.