Kostyantyn Batozsky: Mariupol will not give up without a fight


Kyiv, 5 September 2014 – “The city actively gets ready to defend itself. Not only its people but the enterprises joined activities to defend the city. Citizens of Mariupol are actively demonstrating their pro-Ukrainian position, around 7000 people gathered for one of the most massive rallies held recently in the city,” said Kostyantyn Batozsky, Advisor to the Head of the Donetsk regional state administration via skype at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

He also informed that the HQ for the defense of Mariupol has been operating for a week now, it has consolidated all volunteer initiatives and groups. The HQ forms “Mariupol” territorial defense battalion and recruits volunteers for “Azov” battalion of special forces.

Works to reinforce the city defense, construct and install the fortifications are underway in Mariupol. “Mariupol is a city of steel workers, engineers and construction specialists. Today the whole industrial complex is participating in construction of fortifications outside of the city line to ensure maximum defense at far access routes to Mariupol and not to let the enemy get to the streets of the city,” added Mr. Batozsky.