#9 tRUecrime Podcast – A Very Dark Humour. Memes During War

Our podcast is dedicated to tackling Russian hybrid threats and the tools of influence Russian propaganda employs.
Produced by Hybrid Warfare Analysis Group (Ukrainian Crisis Media Center)

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Memes now surround us in various dimensions of the information environment – social media, media headlines, conversations with friends, and even official statements. Memes, as a product of the entertainment industry, have become an essential part of political communication.

In this episode we will identify the characteristics of a political meme during a war, taking a trip through political satire history, describing and reconstructing the “life path” of memes in Russian propaganda. This research will teach you about the origins and significance of memes in the Russian propaganda system.

Let’s dive in and explore the world of Russian Propaganda, particularly A Very Dark Humour. Memes During War together!