Ukrainian media digest 11 September 2014

Irina Turovska became the first candidate to be registered from Dnipropetrovsk region – election district №32 (Kryvyi Rih)

Dnipropetrovsk mayor Ivan Kulichenko could become a deputy from Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc.

Mykhailo Okhendovsky became the first candidate to be registered from Ivano-Frankivsk region – election district №84 (including the city Burshtyn).

The head of the Agency for modeling situations Vitaliy Bala thinks “anybody” from Donbass could be elected at the early parliamentary elections. He fears Oleh Tsaryov or warlords could be elected.

The head of the Committee on the fuel and energy complex and the usage of mineral resources of Poltava regional state administration Aleksandr Zaluzhnyi informed Rinat Akhmetov is actively investing in the development of gas production in Poltava region. He also underlined companies which produce natural gas should bear social responsibility for territories on which they are operating.

The head of Dnipropetrovsk regional council Yevhen Udod informed the Program for environmental safety and climate protection of the region for 2016-2026 is being created in the framework of Local economic development of Ukraine’s cities project in Dnipropetrovsk region. Residents of Dnipropetrovsk are invited to join the elaboration process.

The head of Donetsk regional state administration Sergey Taruta said Donetsk gunmen are waging internecine struggle for which of groups will cut metal equipment from mines and factories into scraps.

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic decided to create a commission authorized to appoint “interim administrators on the released DPR’s territories.”

DPR announced the creation of its own currency, the Supreme council speaker Boris Litvinov informed.

Semen Kuzmenko, who has claimed to be DPR’s minister of transport, said trains will start running from Donbass to Russia in the next few days.

The head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Valeriy Baranov visits Kyiv.

It is likely Luhansk region will be divided into two parts, interim head of Luhansk regional state administration Iryna Veryhina said.

LPR’s terrorists blocked coal delivery from Luhansk CoalCoal, Donbass Аntratsit, Antratsit, Rovenky Аntratsyt, Sverdlov Antratsyt and trucked coal in Russia, NSDC spokesman Andrey Lysenko said.

Dnipropetrovsk region sent 9 tons of humanitarian aid to Schasty city (Donetsk region). National defense fund and volunteer organizations help to collect the goods. Aidar battalion will deliver products and personal hygiene in Luhansk region.

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has decided to create a commission on imposing interim administrators at DPR’s territories, DPR’s press service reports. The head of DPR’s Supreme soviet presidium Boris Litvinov, administrators will be appointed in 28 cities and 17 districts after they are retaken.

The Cabinet of Ministers appointed Artur Derevyanko the head of the State service for war veterans and members of the antiterrorist operation and Lubov Yakovleva as his first deputy. The following decree #811-r and #812-r has been published at the governmental website, Comments agency reports.

The so-called speaker of Crimean state council Vladimir Konstantinov said the process of changing Crimea’s authorities has started. At the press-conference after the meeting he said the number of Crimean deputies will be reduced from 7.5 thousand to 3 thousand. It was his answer to the question that “all the familiar faces” are put into electoral parties lists. “We could talk today about 75 per cent upgrade. Executive power also will be changed. More than 90 per cent of officials will be forced to leave their jobs,” the speaker said.

Crimean authorities are closely watching what is happening with the referendum on Scotish referendum, the so-called head of republic Sergey Aksenov told journalists. “If referendum will be accepted, it means Crimean referendum should be recognized automatically, Aksenov said. There is no doubt that it has been done in a legal way. We will support this referendum.” The so-called Crimean prime minister underlined it would be interesting to see how this process will be considered by western countries.

Mykhail Saakashvili’s team will help to reform Lviv region. The issue has been discussed today at the press conference “Possible reforms in a particular region” in the premises of Lviv state regional administration. Interim head of Lviv regional state administration Yuriy Turyansky presented a certificate of the adviser of Luhansk RSA to Levan Varshalomidze (the prime minister of Adzharia in 2004-2012) and announced the intention to sign a Memorandum of cooperation with the Innovation and Development Fund (Georgia).

Horlivka DPR’s policemen, who were dismissed from the Ministry of Internal affairs announced the hunt for their former colleagues who remain faithful to Ukraine’s oath and who are currently at the territories of Slovyansk, Dzerzhynsk, Artemovsk, the source in law enforcement said. He says DPR’s representatives made a list of pro-Ukrainian policemen and check carefully everyone who enters Horlivka region. “There is information flats of those Ukrainian soldiers who live on DPR’s territories are looted by their former colleagues with DPR stripes,” the message states.