Dmytro Shymkiv: Today we confirmed our choice of European vector of Ukraine’s development


September 16, 2014, Kyiv  Ukraine lacks powerful external communication, especially regarding the positive developments and accomplishments, economic progress and investment prospects. It was the statement made by the Presidential Administration deputy head Dmytro Shymkiv at his press briefing in Ukrainian Crisis Media Center. He also greeted Ukrainians with ratification of the Association Agreement with EU: «Today we confirmed our choice of European vector of our country’s development and direction of reforms. The war is not the reason to refrain from reforms implementation. Having received the answer to a question “what”, we are to find ways “how”, most efficiently for our own benefit, necessary changes are to be made».

Mr. Shymkiv outlined quite a complex mechanism of cooperation between various institutions and governmental bodies involved into the process of reforms implementation in the country. «The President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, National Council of Reforms, experts, donors, civil society, strategic counseling groups – all these are major stakeholders of the reform processes. The process requires involving considerable number of competent institutions and people, for the process of reforms itself includes technical component with the analysis of the situation, juridical and legislative, and also performance and oversight of reforms implementation», – said Dmytro. He also announced plans for setting a project office involving professionals able to coordinate work of the counseling groups.  The latter will set a task to develop certain reforms, actions and complex reforms modeling, in particular in the sphere of health care, power industry etc.

Mr. Shymkiv emphasized that at present active work on the reforms package continues and the President of Ukraine is going to present it to the new parliament. «We are sure that new Verkhovna Rada will become a reflection of the European vector of our country development», – said the Presidential Administration deputy head. He also reported on measures taken towards creation of the Anti-corruption bureau, solving the longtime pending issue of 3G launch in Ukraine, reformation of the state services etc.