Olga Bogomolets: Combat medical exercises will be held in Ukraine to increase state of readiness for emergency


18 September 2014, Kyiv – Ukraine will soon start a series of combat medical exercises for all recreational and medical institutions to prepare medical personnel, Ministry of emergency, Ministry of Interior for terrorist acts or unexpected mass disorders in their cities. A working group has been created, it works out action plans for such scenarios and will develop a schedule of the training activities to be held at least in each location at district level. Doctors, teachers, representatives of civic organizations, volunteer groups, territorial communities and students will get involved. The information was provided by Olga Bogomolets, honorary doctor of Ukraine, Advisor to the President on Humanitarian issues at a briefing in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “All these activities have nothing to do with conscription. Of course it would be better if we don’t face the need to apply our new skills, but in today’s circumstances we need to be ready to adequately respond to possible danger,” said Mrs. Bogomolets.

Olga Bogomolets also noted that following the first consultations she held it was agreed to introduce back the course on combat training to all medical institutions of Ukraine, to organize respective training for population on the basis of medical colleges, to create coordination center based on military-medical academy and on crash courses for additional training of civilian doctors. “Minimum task for today is to ensure that each hospital has several doctors who received combat field training as civil medicine is different from combat field one,” stated President’s Advisor on Humanitarian issues.

“In order to provide fair targeted assistance to the families who lost their breadwinners due to the events in Ukraine we are starting all-Ukrainian project “People help people”, said Mrs. Bogomolets. Within the project a web site with video stories will be launched, direct account details to help each family will be placed on the web site. Families of Heaven’s Hundred, Berkut, servicemen and all injured in ATO zone will be included. Created with assistance of 1+1, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, volunteers, IT-companies and civic organizations the project will allow to send the aid from any part of the world and be sure that the money is received by the family chosen by the sender. Moreover misuse of the money received by the families in question will be monitored and fined.

This week’s activities included coordination, treatment, rehabilitation and prosthetic care of the injured. The issue will be presented in detail at a press conference on 19 September 2014 at 11.30 in Ukrinform press center. Mrs. Bogomolets called to address her directly with questions and suggestions at [email protected]