Ukrainian media digest 18 September 2014

President Petro Poroshenko dismissed Vladimir Ivashko the head of Chernigov regional state administration. The Decree №722 was published on the official website on September, 15.

On September, 17 The Cabinet of Ministers appointed MP Hennadiy Moskal the head of Luhansk regional state administration. He confirmed this information to “Ukrainska Pravda” news agency. “Everybody voted unanimously. Now it is up to President to decide.”

President of Russia Vladimir Putin submitted for consideration of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea the following candidates for election to the position of the Head of the Republic of Crimea: Sergey Aksenov – the acting head of the Republic of Crimea, Gennady Narayev – the minister of ecology and natural resources of the Republic of Crimea – the Chief state inspector of the Republic of Crimea, Aleksandr Terentyev – a deputy of the State Duma of the Federation Council of Russia. Putin also nominated acting governor of the federal city of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo, Sevastopol legislature lawmaker Vasily Parkhomenko and Sevastopol gubernatorial aide Oleg Roslyakov for the post of the city governor.

Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people is unable to counteract Crimean authorities and is leaving the building, where Mejlis central office is located. Head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov announced. “We have no strength to counteract Crimean authorities. The decision of the “court” reads that if we refuse [to leave the building], we will be evicted from there by force”- Chubarov said. September 16, FSB officers searched the Mejlis central office in Simferopol for 12 hours, seizing documents, protocols, USB flesh cards, Islamic literature and computers.

Russian Cossacks proclaimed Antratsyt and Stakhanov in Luhansk regions to be “Cossacks republics” which are not subordinate to the terrorist organization LPR. 19 out of 50 deputies of the city council voted for a new “people’s mayor” under armed people’s supervision. Former Stakhanov mayor and member of the Party of Regions Sergey Zhevlakov became the city mayor. He is one of the creature of the head of the Party of Regions fraction Aleksandr Yefremov. He is known for attempts to legalize prostitution.

One of the leaders of terrorists at Donbass Fedor Berezin said the behavior of gunmen from DPR and LPR put under the threat the existence of the self-proclaimed republics. Berezin said killings and robberies of the civilians has become the usual practice for terrorists from “Novorossiya army”. Berezin underlined though terrorists refused the invasion and occupation of Donbass territory by Russian troops, lots of terrorist behave as “occupants on the enemy’s territory.”

Five MPs, who were elected in 2012 in single-seat districts in Crimea, said they leave elected office. Vitalina Drozd, Oleg Paraskiv, Valentyna Lyutikova, Sergey Brayko, Grygory Gruba announced their decision at the press-conference in Simferopol.

The head of Donetsk regional state administration Sergey Taruta set a task to enable running of election district commissions in the regions, where parts of territories are under DPR’s control.

Deputy city mayor of Luhanks Aleksandr Tkachenko writes in his social media about a new strategy in Luhanks region. He says all the candidates who has been registered yet, are unknown people from other regions. Tkachenko says they are linked to the Party of development of Ukraine, which candidates will run for posts from single-seat districts in Luhansk reigon.

Gunmen shelled Luhansk power station in the city of Schastya, Luhansk region. The power station was under fire. As a result, all Luhansk territory was left without electricity, Luhanks RSA informs. Today the dewatering process of the power station has begun. All miner worker of Pervomaysk coal mine have been hoisted aboard, first deputy head of Luhansk RSA Iryna Veryhina informs.

First deputy of Luhansk RSA Iryna Veryhina thinks the law on special status for some Donbass territories is a little bit “fuzzy.”