NSDC: The US will step up their assistance to Ukraine in the economic sector and in resolving security issues


Kyiv, September 19, 2014 – “In the framework of his working visit to the US the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held a meeting in Washington with the President of the United States Barack Obama. The parties discussed cooperation in security sector. According to Barack Obama, the US will widen their assistance to Ukraine in the economic sector and in resolving security issues. “We will continue mobilizing efforts of the international community for Ukraine’s support,” the American President said”, – reported Colonel Lysenko, the National Security and Defence Council Information Center spokesman at his briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The parties paid special attention to cooperation in the energy sector. The President of Ukraine informed that next week a team of highly qualified US experts will arrive in Kyiv to continue negotiations on cooperation in the sector. Petro Poroshenko underlined that steps towards reinforced energy security are important to the country.

As a result of the meeting Petro Poroshenko also noted that the US will increase financial assistance to Ukraine to achieve its security targets. He underlined that the US and the EU support the Peace plan.

Barack Obama declared that the US will take the lead in the international community and will join the EU in combating aggression. “Unfortunately, Russian aggression towards Ukraine is on – , first in Crimea, and most recently in eastern Ukraine. But the US will consistently support the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and provide assistance to help resolve its security issues,” stated the President of the United States.

Following the meeting with his US colleague the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed that Ukraine will receive clear practical assistance in addition to the assistance already received by the state, “it includes already received USD 240 million and USD 1 billion of financial guarantees”.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had meetings with Joseph Biden, Vice President of the United States and with John Kerry, US Secretary of State.

Additional financial aid to Ukraine was discussed as well as enhancement of bilateral cooperation in security sector and in the energy sector before the winter season.

US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approved the bill on new sanctions against Russia and in support of Ukraine. According to the document the US President needs to receive the right to grant Ukraine anti-tank and anti-armour weapons, crew weapons and ammunition, counter-artillery radars and range finders, optical and guidance equipment, surveillance drones and communication equipment. Next year USD 350 million are planned to be stationed for the above targeted assistance.

The White House has announced disbursement of a new support package for Ukraine in the amount of USD 53 million, 46 million of which will be granted to Ukraine’s Armed Forces and the Border Guard Service. The rest 7 million will be directed through international humanitarian organizations to assist those affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

In general Washington decided to disburse USD 116 million for equipping and training of Ukrainian servicemen. The equipment includes bullet proof vests, helmets, vehicles, night vision goggles, thermal imaging devices, heavy engineering equipment, modern radio communication equipment, patrol boats, field rations, tents, counter-artillery radars, ammunition etc.

Meanwhile in the ATO zone terrorists and Russian troops keep shelling positions of the ATO forces. Thus within the last 24 hours terrorists shelled ATO forces positions in Donetsk region near population centers Vuhlehirsk, Marjinka, Debaltseve, Nyzhnya Krynka, Donetsky, Trojitsky, Krasnohorivka, Starohnativka, Hranitne, Peremozhne, Pisky, Maloorlivka and at Donetsk airport. In Luhanks region: Shchastya, Tsentralny, Frunze, Chornukhyne, Stanytsya Luhanska.

In the course of the President’s Peace Plan implementation 3 Ukrainian intelligence officers have been liberated from terrorists’ captivity today: Donos, Iovits, Mandazhy.

Ukrainian military and counter-intelligence are observing bolstering of forces and equipment of illegal armed groups that are regrouping and setting up their positions with engineering means. Terrorists are mining roads near the occupied population centers.

With missile-artillery strikes terrorists hit Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk, Sovetsky and Khimik dostricts of Makiyivka as well as Panteleymonivka and Horlivka city council.

Russian troops are actively conducting reconnaissance activities using drones and aviation. One drone was spotted above Mariupol, another one at administrative border with the temporary occupied Crimea. Moreover air defense system fixed 2 military aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces that violated Ukraine’s air space at considerable height in Siedove-Melekyne direction of the Donetsk region, maneuvered along the Ukrainian coast line and turned back to Russia.

According to the recon information provided by NSDC the troops in question number 50 tanks, 100 armoured vehicles and multiple rocket launchers.

At the end of his briefing Colonel Lysenko informed of the casualties from the Ukrainian side in the last 24 hours – 2 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, 3 got injured, 6 went missing.