Ukrainian media digest 19 September 2014

Crimean authorities plan to confiscate 7 objects from Mejlis – its regional buildings, offices and students’ rooms in Crimea, leader of Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev informed. He says Crimean people have no hope that the court’s decision will be fair. Dzhemile says Crimean Tatar plan to raise attention of the international communities and diplomats to this problem. To adjust the next steps, Crimean Tatar people should hold a national congress, Dzemilev announces.

Terrorists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic have detained “the head of the Novorossiya army” Ivan Korsun. “To put it brief, Igor Strelkov should remember the so-called general Korsun, who had first appeared in Kramatorsk as a mythical representative of GRU before my arrival at the beginning of March. He disappeared quickly when I had started finding out who he had been. He is a common impostor, but he can charm somebody. He was detained yesterday following the carefully planned operation together with general mayor Bezler and some of other intelligence officers. He is testifying,” Petrovski informed.

The house of the head of Markovska district state administration Viktor Chernik suffered heavy shooting, deputy head of Luhansk RSA Iryna Veryhina wrote on her Facebook. “Viktor Alekseevich was not injured, his wife is not in the hospital. He told me he had found people who were seizing lands,” Veryhina writes.

Russian businessman from Norilsk is holding talks with Crimean authorities about his appointment as the head of Yevpatoria state administration. A person familiar with the matter informs the businessman is the holder of a big hotel complex in the center of the city. Russian businessman has become a deputy of Yevpatoria city council from United Russia party by having paid $50 thousand for the seat.

The situation on the Crimean peninsula is not critical after Western countries have imposed economic sanctions, the so-called head of republic Sergey Aksenov said. “The situation is not critical. We haven’t got many foreign investors working on the peninsula. The potential of the Crimea hasn’t been discovered,” he said. Aksenov underlined the biggest negative effect on the Crimean economy happened after Western countries had blocked international submarines to enter peninsula’s harbors.

President Petro Poroshenko says he is ready to conduct a dialogue with everyone who will be elected on December, 7 to the regulatory bodies in some regions of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, he said during his speech in front of the audience of the NGO “Atlantic council” in Washington. The head of state is sure elections will help to conduct the conditions for maintaining the dialog.

Terrorists from Antratsyt and Stakhanov are not satisfied with their Russian “authorities” and want to form their own people’s republics, the head of the Information Resistance group, Dmytro Tymchuk wrote on his page on Facebook. He also underlined in DPR and LPR terrorist organizations “authorities” are being changed from Russian FSB to the GRU representatives

Vladimir Konstantinov was appointed speaker of Crimean Parliament, with 75 deputies voted in favor. The vote of the Parliament was held behind the closed doors. There were no other nominees for the post of parliament speaker. Konstantinov’s candidature was nominated during the conference of regional “United Russia” party. LDPR party (Russian Liberal Democratic Party) also backed his candidature.

Nearly hundred people are protesting near regional state administration building in Kirovograd in order to prevent the introduction of a new head of region Sergey Kuzmenko. Activists have gathered at 9 a.m. at the Maidan Heroes square. Participants are holding state flags and chanting “Glory to Ukraine!”, “Off the gang”. Activists accuse a newly appointed head of the region, former representative of the Party of Regions Kuzmenko of having organized “gangs of bandits” to dissolve Maidan in Kirovograd on January 26.

On September, 19 2014 at the session of the Crimean state council Konstantin Bakharev — leader of “United Russia” in Crimea — was appointed first deputy of Konstantinov while Remzi Ilyasov and Andrey Kozenko appointed deputy speakers of Crimean Parliament.

Heads of LPR and DPR decided to nationalize coalmines, which are based on republics’ territory.

The Council of entrepreneurs affiliated with Vinnytsya RSA has resumed its work

The head of Donetsk regional state administration Sergey Taruta says it is impossible to reconstruct Donetsk and Luhansk regions without big business involvement.

Newly appointed head of Luhansk region Hennadiy Moskal wants to re-locate Luhansk RSA to Severodonetsk and define territories which are under control of Ukrainian authorities.