Ukrainian media digest 20 -22 September 2014

“The Cossacks Circle” of Rovenky chose a new “military commander” Igor Kulkin. According to the information, he was appointed by order of “LPR military command”. Previously he worked at Kosmonavtov mine (DTEK Rovenkyantratsyt).

The so-called “interim head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov said Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people does not exist from the juridical point of view. “From the juridical point, there is no such organization for me. Which Mejlis? The organization was not registered properly. It [Mejlis] does not exist”- Aksyonov said. Moreover, according to him, Mejlis of Crimea Tatar people “has no authority over Crimean Tatar population.”

The State Duma adopted a decree in the first reading regarding implementation of labour legislation in Crimea and Sevastopol. According to the document, from 2015 relations between employers and employees will be regulated by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. At the same time, Crimean people will not lose those privileges, which they had before the peninsula’s annexation.

Terrorists “Kadyrovtsy” are massively moving into houses of refugees in Luhansk. Citizens of Luhansk are complaining families from the North Caucuses are illegally seizing empty houses of their neighbors, who were forced to terminally flee from the city.

DPR’s terrorists have decided to complete their sabotage-reconnaissance groups only with terrorists who have been checked out, Dmytro Tumchuk writes. “An order exists and sabotage-reconnaissance groups should be formed only with reputable terrorists. Another statement has been adopted on a drastic personnel reshuffle among leaders of terrorist groups,” Tymchuk writes. Besides, according to his information, there is a proposition to appoint terrorist Igor Bezler, dubbed Bes, the so-called “head of Novorossiya”

There was ammunition in trucks with the third “humanitarian convoy” from Russia, the head of the Center of Military and Political Research Dmytro Tymchuk writes on his Facebook page. According to his information, all ammunition is now being unpacking at the warehouses which are under control of DRP and LPR.

Nearly 30 activists gathered in Kirovograd in order not to allow the newly appointed head of Kirovograd RSA Sergey Kuzmenko takes his place of work.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has dismissed Nina Plis the head of Baryshivka district state administration in Kyiv region. He also has dismissed Ishtvan Petrushka the head of Beregovska DSA in Zakarpattya region. Moreover, Lyudmila Kirdi was dismissed the head of Manevitska DSA in Volynsk region, and Yuriy Tseyko was dismissed the head of Lutsk DSA in Volyn region.

New Luhansk governor Hennadiy Moskal says he won’t have a dialogue and negotiate with gunmen from the so-called LPR.

On Monday, September 22, at the midday, an unidentified person made a telephone call to Poltava RSA and informed that the building had been mined. Managers were evacuated.

The information that is spread in social networks that the radiation background is very high after explosions at Donetsk plant of chemical goods is not valid.

Today, at 4 pm., gunmen were launching missiles at Luhansk power station located in Shchastya city. This station supplies with energy all populated locations in the region.