Dmytro Shymkiv: The President’s Administration initiates the law on temporary involvement of business experts in state service


Kyiv, September 23, 2014 – The change of staff at leading posts in the governmental bodies is one of the primary tasks in reforming governmental system. “Today we have the situation, wherein state government requires professionals, especially for leading positions in headquarters or departments. We are challenged with a task: to involve business experts who have a deeper understanding of economic processes and have other experience in organizational work, reforming or bringing changes. However, there is one limitation: a relevant payment for the work of such employees,” – stated deputy chief of the Ukrainian President’s Administration Dmytro Shymkiv during his press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center that was held in the frame of Ukraine Reforms Communications Taskforce with the support of International Renaissance Foundation.

When presenting the concept of the Bill on temporary involvement of business experts in state service, Dmytro Shymkiv noted: “This is a temporary instrument which should be abolished as soon as we have the good law on state service.”

The temporary state service does not abolish nor replace the necessity of the state service reform, but “instead encourages it and will serve to execute concrete goals, which will be posed to the state workers,” the deputy head of the AP is convinced. This temporary instrument will allow experts to receive extra payments up to the market salary level without allocating additonal budget funds. These payments will be done using a special non-state Fund. “The mechanism of searching for candidates for leading posts in state government is transparent: an open tender for the replacement is announced, the Fund Representative proposes the candidates that have undergone according checks, however the final decision regarding the involvement to state service is made by the state body seeking the employee. The Fund Representative provides the extra salary to the expert involved in state service, monitors the way they carry out their tasks, achieve their goals and superwise their efficiency in state service, carries out the according checks, including that of conflict of interest,” – Dmytro Shymkiv explained the mechanism of involving the experts in temporary state service.

The main requirements for the experts who may be invited:

–      Ukrainian citizenship;

–      26 plus years of age;

–      Complete higher education;

–      Have not worked in any governmental bodies in the past 5 years;

–      Presented their income (and tax) certification for the past 5 years;

–      Have no conflict of interest (checked by the Fund Representative);

–      Lack of current convictions;

–      Did not commit any crimes with the motive of self-benefit nor involved in administrative corruption crimes;

–      Possess relevant work experience of at least five years and meet other professional and qualification requirements

The concept of the bill on temporary state service can be viewed following the link: