Ukrainian media digest 24 September 2014

A message that Schastya city (a city near Luhanks, which is included in Zhovtnevy district) mayor had resigned appeared on the city council’s website. As Vadym Zhuvlyuk explained, he had been forced to make this decision “because it was impossible to perform his duties.” It is worth mentioning that the city has been under Aidar battalion control for nearly two-month period.

Ministry of foreign affair spokesman Yevhen Perebyinis commented on the situation with Crimean Tatars saying what they are facing is literally “the second deportation”. “Today the entire world should use all methods to force Russia to behave according to international law,” Perebyinis said. According to him, only international community could help Crimean Tatars to elude reprisals in the annexed Crimea.

New governor of Luhansk region Hennadiy Moskal is planning to withdraw Schastya city from Zhovtnevy district subordination, the press service of Luhansk RSA informs. Hennadiy Moskal said once again that all departments and services of Luhansk regional state administration should be at the same place, as in Severodonetsk.

The so-called “Parliament of Crimea” conferred powers of the legislative assembly of the republic to the member of The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergei Tsekov. The decision was unanimous, all 72 deputies voted for it. “We have previously entrusted him this senior position, and he behaved decently in the Federation Council,” the so-called “Head of the Crimean State Council” Vladimir Konstantinov said.

President Petro Poroshenko appointed Ruslan Demchenko his advice. The respective decree was published on the official website.

The Russian government will spend 100 billion rubles (about $3 billion) in 2015 on Crimea’s development. This sum will include expenditures on the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait to link mainland Russia and the Black Sea peninsula. According to the draft budget, 373 billion rubles Russia will spend on Crimea in 2015. Meanwhile, the press service of the Ministry of Finance explains that the money will be divided by years, so in 2016 Crimea will receive 134.6 billion, in 2017 – 138.4 billion.

DPR and LPR will receive nearly 3.9 billion hryvnya from Crimea, the head of NGO “Right Cause” Dmitriy Snegirev informed. He received this information from sources closed to LPR and local informers. The sum will allow terrorist organizations in Donetsk and Luhansk regions functions properly during the transition period.

The so-called LPR’s authorities continue staff turnover in Rovenky. On September 17 “Cossacks circle” of Rovenky city appointed Igor Kulkin a new “military commander”. His candidacy has been already approved by the so-called “LPR’s military command”. “The chief police officer” of Rovenky city became Sergey Kravchenko, who had been appointed by the so-called “LPR’s Ministry of Internal Affairs”

According to deputy governor of Donetsk region Elena Petryansk, the head of the RSA Sergey Taruta is constantly convincing Ukraine’s Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance to renew all payments to state employees who work in all cities of Donets regions.

Newly appointed head of Luhansk regional state administration Hennadiy Moskal informed that many had vanished from Luhansk RSA bank accounts.

Head of Luhansk regional state administration Hennadiy Moskal says he is not planning to run for parliamentary seat. Also he plans to reshuffle the RSA.

The Verkhovna Rada is asked to submit for voting the question about territories subordination, which is administratively belong to LPR, but de-facto are under control of Ukrainian army. In particular, it is proposed to withdraw Schastya city from Zhovtnevy district subordination.

Dnipropetrovsk region has prepared several proposition to be included into laws about power’s decentralization in Ukraine.