NSDC: Ukraine temporarily closes crossing points on the border with Russia


September 25, 2014, Kyiv – “On September 24 the President of Ukraine with his decree enacted the Decision of the National Security and Defence Council on measures pertaining Ukraine’s security and strengthening its defensive potential. In compliance with the Decree the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is to take measures and prepare draft documents on the following:

Change to non-aligned status of Ukraine;

Imposing economic limitations and sanctions against the Russian Federation and development of general directives for further negotiations with the Russian party;

Closure of border crossing points on the border with Russia and unilateral demarcation of the border;

Material support of servicemen and social protection of their families, in particular solution of housing problem and the procedure for recognition of anti-terrorist operation participants”.-

These steps were listed by Colonel Lysenko, the National Security and Defence Council Information Center spokesman at his briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Colonel reported that in compliance with this decree, preparedness of security sector, economics and society to defeating armed aggression against Ukraine was defined as a basic strategic direction of the state policy in the national security sector.

A special President’s message to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine defining new National security strategy is scheduled for November 2014.

The Cabinet of Minister is to develop basic indices of state defence order, envisage corresponding changes to the budget and financial policy and also present new version of Military doctrine of Ukraine to the consideration of the National Security and Defence Council. Furthermore, it is planned to create the National center of cyber protection and cyber threats countering.

NSDC spokesman informed that Ukrainian Ministry for Foreign Affairs received a task to deepen cooperation with Western partners and receive military aid from them. There will be an Inter-agency for issues of reformation and development of Ukrainian security and defence sector created within the Central Office of the National Security and Defence Council.

Coordination of further actions of Ukraine and G7 and EU member states on the international stage was being discussed during the meeting of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with ambassadors of these countries. The President mentioned that fulfillment of the agreements by all the parties, i.e. bilateral ceasefire mode, withdrawal of Russian troops, liberation of hostages and, most important, Ukrainian-Russian border control, creation of buffer zone and placing efficient OSCE monitoring and verification in this area is the guarantee of further progress.

Andriy Lysenko also informed that Ukrainian Ministry for Foreign Affairs summoned the Consul of the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Ukraine and handed him a protest note in connection with illegal actions of Russian law enforcement agencies against a Ukrainian citizen Nadiya Savchenko. The consul was announced the demand of Ukrainian party on immediate securing the right  of the Ukrainian Consul to Russia to visit the Ukrainian citizen, which is guaranteed by Article 13 of the Consular Convention between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian party also enforces its previously stated demands on liberation and return to Ukraine of Nadiya Savchenko and other political prisoners, citizens of Ukraine, who are illegally kept in Russia, in particular, a film director Oleh Sentsov.

Speaking of the situation in the ATO zone, Colonel Lysenko stressed that Ukrainian subdivisions are maintaining ceasefire mode. Opposed, terrorists and Russian mercenaries do not stop outshooting Ukrainian positions in the ATO zone. According to Lysenko, Russian troops continue repositioning their forces and equipment. Within last 24 hours terrorist groupings outshot positions nearby Kamyanka, Pisky, Nikishyne, Kamyshovka, Popasna, Ridkodub, Shchastya, Debaltseve, Maloorlivka populated localities, Mohyla Hostra kurgan and Donetsk airport.

ATO forces succeeded in shattering terorrists’ attacks on fortified locality nearby Nikishyne village in Shakhtarskyi district of Donetsk region. The terrorists incurred losses.

Colonel Lysenko reported that there were no casualties among Ukrainian military servicemen within last 24 hours.

There were no military clashes or bombardments on the border. Ukrainian air domain infringements have not been recorded.

According to the intelligence data collected, chiefs of so-called “Donetsk Peoples’ Republic” and “Luhansk Peoples’ Republic” are making rigorous demands on equipment and weapons preservation, explaining it with the fact that flow of military equipment and aid from the Russian Federation will be exhausted soon. Russian military command demands from the illegal armed formations to create their own repair installations.