ALL #EPS! tRUEcrime Podcast: We Debunk Russian Propaganda and the Tools of Influence!

#tRUEcrime Podcast – dedicated to tackling russian #hybridthreats and the tools of influence #russianpropaganda employs. Produced by Hybrid Warfare Analysis Group (UCMC)
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🟦#1 tRUe Crime Podcast: What’s Wrong With Russian Oppositionists?
In our first EP we explore the views of RUS opposition figures regarding Ukraine, including Maxim Katz’s , Leonid Volkov’s, and Ilya Varlamov’s

🟨#2 Sexism & Misogyny in Russian Propagandistic Discourse
RUSpropaganda exploits sexism & misogyny to shape public perceptions, maintain a patriarchal narrative, & discredit feminism, diverting attention from war crimes

🟦#3 How Weapons Become Weapons
RUSpropaganda employs “armed rhetoric” to intimidate Ukraine’s allies & question the legitimacy of the Ukrainian GOV, along with the issue of “Cluster munitions”

🟨#4 The Russian Economy: An Inside Perspective
We analyze the Russian economy amidst 18 months of wartime politics, focusing on the impact of sanctions on their resources and the necessity of maintaining their effectiveness against possible circumvention

🟦#5 Anti-LGBTQIA+ Rhetoric of Russian Propaganda
We discuss Russian propaganda’s methods of stigmatizing and marginalizing LGBTQIA+ people while ignoring collective responsibility and war crimes.

🟨#6 How Russia Manipulates African States
Russia promotes multipolarity while pursuing a neo-colonial approach in Africa. Their tactics include funding military operations, supporting coups, exerting cultural influence, & manipulating historical narratives

🟦#7 Aftermath of the Chernihiv Strike
Russia’s August 19th missile strike on Chernihiv, near Kyiv. The strike targeted a city center theater, hosting an exhibition of Ukrainian drones, which RUSpropaganda falsely portrays as a legitimate target.

🟨#8 “The Drug Addict” – Smear Campaign Against Zelensky
Russian propagandists repeatedly use insults and false claims to diminish Zelensky’s global influence. Their recent focus on labeling him a drug addict aims to undermine Ukraine’s leadership

🟦#9 A Very Dark Humour. Memes During War
In this episode, we explore the role of political memes in war, tracing their history and influence in Russian propaganda. Discover how these memes shape political communication

🟨#10 This episode sheds light on Russia’s distortion of history in its recently ‘revamped’ 11th-grade history textbook, distorting post-World War II, the “Putin era,” and justifying the “Special Military Operation.” This episode’s analysis reveals an orchestrated by the Russian state to manipulate narratives, suppress critical thinking, and indoctrinate the younger generation.

🟦#11 In this episode we will discuss the Russian-Armenian information struggle and how the Kremlin propaganda machine tries to benefit from returning Karabakh under Azerbaijan control. 


In this episode, we will explore how Russia leverages its school education system, particularly through recent educational reforms, to shape school children into compliant Russian subjects, preparing them to serve as obedient soldiers who, without hesitation, may be deployed to the frontlines of current and future wars initiated by Russia. Our focus is on the reintroduction of ‘Initial Military Training’ in schools, as a response to Russia’s failures in Ukraine, and the youth groups designed to curb critical thinking and instill loyalty to the state!

🟦#13 In this episode, we will reveal and analyze the key aspects of the alternative reality that the Russian Federation has created around its cooperation with the DPRK, using Kim Jong-un’s recent visit to Russia as an example. We will also decipher the messages that the Kremlin is attempting to convey to the international community through its cooperation with North Korea.