Discussion 1: “Governmental program on IDPs: strengths and weaknesses”

Press center UCMC announce

Vitaliy Muschynin, Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine
Georgiy Tuka, Deputy Minister on temporarily occupied territories and IDPs of Ukraine
Mustafa Nayyem, MP (“Petro Poroshenko Block” faction)
Maksym Yefimov, MP (“Petro Poroshenko Block” faction)
Sergiy Taruta, MP from the 58th majoritarian district (Mariupol)
Grygoriy Nemyrya, MP (“Batkivschyna” faction)
Ganna Starykova, head of Kyiv Regional Council of 7th convocation
Tetyana Durneva, executive director of Public holding “Group of Influence”, consultant on IDPs issues, Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)
Moderator: Bogdan Butkevych, host of TV channel “Espreso”